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D'fro 1Rapper/MCDJProducer

Groove Penguin Records

Dfro is a Melbourne based MC/Producer/Dj.

Born in Belgium, his family moved to Los Angeles when he was just an infant, before finally settling in Australia at the age of 9.

He started rapping for fun in high school before leaving to work full time, where he met Illresponce and the two formed The Psyde Projects along with another colleague. After producing and writing their first LP Hiphoperation in 2003, Dfro started working closely with Dj Mugen and the artist now known as Grey Ghost. The 3 then formed The Inflatables, with drummer Conrad Tracey, bass player Zvi Belling and Dj Manchild.

After releasing a live mixtape, Dfro returned to work with Illresponce and high school buddy Mr Moonshine. The 3 became the current incarnation of the Psyde Projects and formed Groove Penguin Records. Together they have released 3 Ep’s and 2 Albums.

In 2013 Dfro released his debut mixtape which is available for free download. He has also released an EP with Melbourne artist Tom Showtime, and the 2 have sinced formed the showtime quintet, along with the Inflatables rhythm section Conrad and Zvi whilst adding Matt Murphy on the keys.

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