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DJ Decktektive

DJ Decktektive has been an avid music collector since the age of 11. An introduction to Hip Hop at the age of 12 became the roots of a career he wanted to pursue.

His strength doesn’t just reason upon his vast musical knowledge, or his contextual understanding of each album, but his ability to filter through music to come out with an ‘All killah no fillah’ vibe.  A broad spectrum view of hip hop that extends to more than just the hit singles means that many of his followers will be introduced to music they may not be familiar with.

After 6 years of turntablism and dedicating over 4000 hours of practice in that time - Decktektive is well on his way to mastering the art of DJing. He attributes a large amount of his DJing knowledge to being mentored by Australia’s finest, including 3 time Australian DMC Champion B-TWO.

Decktektive has been, and continues to be, behind several Hip Hop nights around Melbourne. The most successful night “Can I Kick It” is Melbourne’s largest Hip Hop open mic night which is run along side DJ Daily and Tom Kwan.

Decktektive’s Hip Hop clout is ever expanding after the release of several mix tapes over the past 2 years and strives to continue to be an active member of Melbourne’s Hip Hop scene.

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