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ENTRO// is a beatmaker, DJ and producer based in Melbourne Australia. Utilizing an SP404 and various midi controllers, he blends new and old techniques to produce tracks that are smooth and soulful, while still upbeat and dynamic. Reminiscent of the boom bap and jazz rap era of sample based beats, ENTRO// is constantly digging in the crates for the finest cuts and breaks, retaining the insight of Hip Hop pioneers. An upcoming new release will add to an already strong catalog of tracks, which includes two beat tapes (New Oceanic, SMPL) and selected cuts on compilations by Beatlab (Vol.1) and Uncomfortable Beats (Natural Selections).

ENTRO// continues to produce for local and international Emcees, and his live instrumental sets can both captivate crowds or sustain a casual, laidback vibe. ENTRO// has supported many Melbourne artists such as Soul Language, A Brother Scratch and Cosmos Creature, and is regular performer at Horse Bazaar, EFiftyFive and Boney. Along with appearances on, Standing Waves and local radio (PBS, SynFM), ENTRO// only continues to increase his presence in Melbourne and online.

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