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Farai Katiyo 1Rapper/MC

Farai Katiyo

Born in 1992 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Farai Katiyo is a devout influential rapper and transformational speaker whose work transcends age, race, gender and religion. Moving to Auckland, New Zealand in 2002 awakened a giant in him whom he never knew existed and his music passion was birthed from a group of young rappers formerly known as Young Soldiers. After the split of this group, Farai pursued his passion relentlessly and went on to refine his craft by practicing for several hours each week. His first album, Volume 1, was released in 2010 which featured other renowned rappers, and today he has released several other albums, mix-tapes, single tracks and has featured on so many other music projects. From being labelled all sorts of names and being despised, Farai has stood the test of times and maintained his identity in Christ through his captivating music. Apart from his music career, Farai is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the University of Otago and keeps the hope of many alive through his transformational messages on his social media portals. With the tremendous support of his parents, brothers and manager, Farai believes his music and transformational messages should reach to all continents of the world and instil hope in people. Farai currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, and works closely together with his brother Fungai who is also a rapper.

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