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Mister Litty 1Rapper/MCProducer

Mister Litty Image credit: Eddy James
Lab Co

What came first, the rapper or the beat maker? Who knows, but with Mister Litty you got both, a combination of poetry and production.

Beat-wise, Mister Litty blends 90s inspired boom bap drums with jazzy riffs – polishing it up with modern production elements while maintaining an organic, warm sound. As an emcee, Mister Litty has been described as chilled, laid-back and expressive.

Mister Litty emerged in the Melbourne Hip Hop scene in 2015 as a prolific freestyler, delivering witty, on-point lines regardless of what beats or topics were thrown his way. In August 2015 he released his debut EP, Mind Wander. The release tour brought him to venues across both Melbourne and Perth, In a live show you can expect to see Mister Litty incorporating both his live beat making and lyrical delivery. You may even be lucky enough to catch some freestyles thrown into the set too.

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