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3 reasons not to miss the Battle 8 Grand Final this Sunday

13 Oct 2015 music news words by Terence Ill
3 reasons not to miss the Battle 8 Grand Final this Sunday

Section 8 have been doing Battle 8 a few years in a row now and this Sunday is when the last two teams of this years heat, 100% Phat and All Good, will battle it out in an epic beat massacre. So we thought we’d give, you still undecided peoples out there, three good reasons why Section 8 is the place to be this Sunday.


  1. Because they call it a battle, but really, it’s a party.

    Remember House Party? That movie with Kid ’n Play? If so, you probably also remember watching it and thinking how parties like only happen in movies, and how the parties you go to end up with people playing uno in the kitchen. Well, Battle 8 is that only-in-movies kinda party, where people get busy on the dance floor like there is not tomorrow, while the two competing crews bring the heat.
  2. What else you gonna do on Sunday evening? Have tea with your nanna?

  3. This ain’t gonna happen again for another year. You can watch the last seasons of Game of Thrones you just illegally downloaded some other time.


If you need more convincing, check out the clip that Tom Showtime added on Youtube a few weeks ago, of the first round battle between The Operatives vs 100% Phat.



Better be there and better be there early, because this one is going to pack out quickly.

For last minute updated check Section 8’s Facebook page.