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6 Melbourne freestyle MC’s who never disappoint

07 Jan 2016 spotlight words by Terence Ill
6 Melbourne freestyle MC’s who never disappoint

Not being a rapper myself, I am a pretty unlikely candidate to be a regular at a weekly freestyle open mic. Yet, for the last few months I have made an effort to not miss an instalment of “Can I Kick It” at Melbourne’s Horse Bazaar. The people on this list are part of the reason why I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t go.

So here we go, in no particular order:

Tom Kwan

Let’s kick it off with someone who is not just good at it, but also instrumental in giving others a place to showcase and practice their freestyle skills. The host of “Can I Kick It”, he’s the glue that holds it all together, skilfully tying together the performances of those who dare take the stage every Wednesday night. On rare occasions, when no-one in the room finds the confidence to hit the stage for a game, you might catch him engage and showcase how it’s done. Tom Kwan never dispappoints.

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I had met Tumi a few times, but had never thought of him as a freestyle MC, until I saw him play a freestyle game at Horse Bazaar. Luckily there is video evidence that also fits in nicely with the current Star Wars-mania. The topic was ‘Yoda’. Tumi; never disappoint he does.

Tumi killin it freestyle

Posted by Tommy Hern on Wednesday, 11 November 2015


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Really young still, and really dope. Mono’s got stage presence and energy for days. His message is positive and he flows like a veteran. There is a reason why the whole room is clapping their hands numb and cheering their throats sore after every session. You will understand, once you’ve seen him do his thing on a stage near you. Mono never disappoints.

Mister Litty

Mister Litty is a man of many talents - rapper, beat smith and freestyler extraordinaire. His chilled, laid-back freestyle steez make it all seem effortless and easy, like nothing can through him off track. Mister Litty is highly consistent, delivering his witty, on-point lines, regardless of what beats or topics are thrown at him. Mister Litty never disappoints.

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Watching this dude is like watching two people completely unfazed by each other - one rapping and one constantly scanning the room for new freestyle fodder. Someone in the crowd sticks a random item up in the air, a few bars later that item makes an appearance in Philosoraptor’s rhyme, sounding like that word was always meant to be there - like he somehow knew someone was going to hold up a red cardigan. Philosoraptor never disappoints.

Hugo the Poet

Probably the artist with the highest profile on this list, Hugo Farrant, also known as Hugo The Poet, or just Hugo. The UK-born MC came to internet fame after taking on the character of Robert Foster, the news anchor of the Juice Rap News, a series of YouTube clips that raked in views by the ten thousands. This dude is next level. Give him a topic and at first you’ll be like “Huh? Where is he going with this?”. Then, a few bars later, when it all falls into place, you’ll be like “DAMN!”. Hugo never disappoints.

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"Can I Kick It?" is back on in February, Wednesday nights at Horse Bazaar.