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Interview with Melbourne's finest on the Drum Pads "Amin Payne"

21 Nov 2017 the process words by 2nd Thought
Interview with Melbourne's finest on the Drum Pads

Have been seeing Amin Payne hold it down every week DJing/Beats unless he's overseas, thought I'd catch him in his free time to discuss his process on beats and future plans.


Mate, you've been at this music thing for a while now. How did this start and where does is finish? You seem to be very persistent with your talents. Who is Amin payne for those that aren't aware.

Thanks Willy, This music journey goes way back. I'm pretty much self taught so I was just a curious guy who had a lot to learn and just really resonated with music. How it started was when I was DJing and playing records, I couldn't help it but to dissect the music that I heard in my head. I didn't hear the music as one track, I heard it as layers and even though I was no musician, I started re-creating the different layers in my heard, mostly the drum patterns. All it took was a Software program to allow me to get my ideas out, and from there on it was mostly trial and error and saving the bangers. Fast forward few years and then I completed SAE diploma and from there I took beat making and producing a bit more seriously and wanted to be good at it. Since moving to Melbourne things have been great musically in terms of what I have been part of and the amazing musicians/artist I have met and had the pleasure to work with.

I've been following you since about 2011 when you and Jackson Miles had a night at Loop Bar and from then till now you guys have been running a few nights and currently Tuesdays at Section8 on the dance floor that is just absolutely flawless!!! Which of these takes up most of your time? Djing or
Producing music.

Man it takes a lot of time to gather music for DJing, also digging for
that gold and the actual DJing hours. However for me making beats takes
more of my time because of all the aspects like recording, mixing and getting
other artists involved, when you add all the actual time for producing one track
it definitely takes up more of my time.

As we know you have done some pretty cool collabs, but i originally got onto your music through the George benson tribute you produced. I'm personally a big fan of that body of work. Any more projects like that in the works? whats was the inspiration behind this?

The George Benson tribute was my favourite out of the Tribute series that I
did. Feels like forever a go man but I don't think I'll be doing another
tribute anytime soon specially since I've already done 3 and I don't really
want to be that "Tribute Guy", so who knows I might drop one when I'm 40
SURPRISE! The inspiration behind the George Benson tribute was the man
himself haha I saw him perform live a couple of weeks before I stared the
project and I had about 13 of his records ready to be sampled. I love his
music and his guitar game its exactly the vibes I was looking for at that time
so I decided pay homage to the living legend with my interpretation of his

We know you are an Akai MPC guy, but I have also seen you play with the roland SP in the past. Do you prefer one over the other or is there a balance of use between the 2 machines?

To me both those machines have different purposes. The MPC is like the Apple and Roland SP is the Orange. I use the MPC more for the beat making & Sampling process and the SP more for the Fx and Live purposes. Together they are a very powerful duo, but if I had to chose between the two I would say the MPC especially the new MPC LIVE.


I heard you have an alias in the works. you want to give us a hint?

I do indeed. I've tapped into the House music matrix for the time as I'm
enjoying making it and getting great responses on the dance floor so yeah
I'll be releasing some House music very soon under my alias. I wanted to
separate it from the Amin Payne Merchandise as it just makes thing a lot
easier for me and my live shows. This way i know what to play when I get
booked and when people say ' I like your work' then I know which work they
are refereeing to.

Bhutan international festival, Sound Wave Croatia, Berlin BeatGeeks... which of these were the highlight of your music career?

They were all truly great but Soundwave Croatia gets the crown. 1200 people, beach side, big lights, beauty and being on same stage as Madlib. Definitely one of the best experiences. Very blessed.