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How asking your mum to like your Facebook page is wasting your promo money

20 Apr 2016 music biz words by Terence Ill
How asking your mum to like your Facebook page is wasting your promo money original illustration by <a href="" target="_blank">John Holcroft</a>

No one likes to see only 100 likes on their Facebook page. It makes us look like a nobody. The bigger the number the better we feel about ourselves as rappers, beat makers or DJ’s, or whatever else we want to be. So what do we do when we first set it up? We invite our mum, our siblings, all our mates, work colleagues and everyone else on our friend list to like our page. The number is going up and we feel better about ourselves. Great. Problem is, you just set yourself up to waste money every time you advertise on Facebook.

Your mum won't buy your music

Let's pretend, half of your 100 people you asked to like your page, are friends and family who only liked your page because you asked them to. But they’re not really into your music, just like your mum. Those 50 people will never come to your gig, buy your music, or watch your youtube clips. They are only there for the looks of that number at the top of your Facebook page.

You're Zuckerberg's bitch

The hard truth about Facebook is that everything you post on your artist page will only be seen by 1% - 6% of your followers. Yes, out of 100 followers, sometimes only 1 person will see your post on their timeline - unless of course you boost it (Boom, Zuckerberg just made you his bitch). So, you decide to boost your post to what Facebook calls “people who liked your page” and you (for example) spend $10 so all followers of your page get dished out the post. What you just did was spend half of your budget (5 bucks) on putting that post in front of people who will never buy your music, will never come to a gig and will never watch your video clips. Dumb, ain't it?

Now lets say, you’re broke and can only spend $5 to begin with. So Facebook will only put your post in front of some of your followers, let's say half for simplicity’s sake. So Zuckerberg will randomly pick 50 people out of your 100 followers and serve the post to them. In a worst case scenario, he could’ve picked exactly those 50 who will never buy your music, will never come to a gig and will never watch your video clips. In that case you would have just flushed 100% of your budget down the toilet. That, of course is an extreme example but you get the idea: having "unqualified" people amongst your followers will waste some of your budget every time your boost your promotional posts.

What you can do to fix it

  • Only ask people to like your page who you know have a genuine interest in your product.
  • If you don’t know the person you're inviting, check what other music they like. It’s it’s all hardcore punk, steer clear of inviting that person.
  • Let your content do the convincing. If you post good engaging content, relevant people will sooner or later notice and like your page - not because you asked them to, but because they wanted to.

This is what you’ll get out of it

  • Higher engagement - more likes, comments and shares on future post
  • A better chance of people following trough and buying your music, going to your gigs or watch your clips.


Now go and kindly ask your mum and that dude you work with, who is into Mongolian morin khuur music to unfollow your page. Go on…