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Premiere: 'The Landing' video clip by Context

26 Feb 2017 spotlight words by Terence Ill

Heavy Joe Syzlak production and space-themed cuts by Jimmy Flipshyt - Context's latest single The Landing is of astronomical proportions.

With Dayne Edward's creative direction behind the lens and a set of unique locations in and around Melbourne, the clip perfectly frames the theme of the track.

The Landing is the final single from the Rogue Astronaut EP which will be released on March 1, 2017. The EP is a 7-track project, primarily self-produced under the guise of Joe Syzlak. With additional production from Jimmy Flipshyt and Boxtrumental – the EP molds together to form a solid and seamless piece of audio, while shifting between comical and introspective concepts.

Pre-orders are now live via Bandcamp, along with crazy merch packs, including limited edition cassettes, tees, stickers and even a space-themed watch.



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