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'Creep' by Bastian Killjoy now has an official video clip

25 May 2016 music news words by Terence Ill


Kill rhymes is what he does best and joy is what he brings to the ears of lovers of conscious Australian hip hop.

There are very few artists in Melbouren Hip Hop who can claim a unique sound, in both, flow and production. To me Bastian Killjoy is one of those chosen few.

'Creep' is the first single from his forthcoming album 'Golly Gosh' and the Melbourne rapper just released a video clip for it. The clip is - I don’t know - kind of lo-fi. Kind of 'twitchy' and a little bit psycho. It’s just fucking weird, actually. If you’ve had a listen to the audio version before, give this a watch. I swear, it gives the song another dimension.

Even if it doesn't do anything else, it definitely helps establish Killjoy as the creep he claims to be.

You can catch Bastian Killjoy live at the 'Rising Tide Records Launch' this Friday.