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Discourse gives us 'Testimony', a new clip featuring AG of DITC

08 Jun 2016 music news words by Terence Ill


Discoure just released ‘Testimony’, the second video clip from his upcoming album ‘Megalomaniac’.

Produced by Discourse himself the track features New York’s golden age legend and DITC crew member AG.

Finding out about AG was a corner stone in my personal discovery of the New York sound in my younger years. In fact Showbiz & AG were my entry point to the DITC crew, even before I knew about Finesse and Big L.

Naturally I got excited when I heard that one of the local Melbourne artists I’ve followed for a while was working on a track with AG.

Discourse shot the clip for ‘Testimony’ during a visit to New York, capturing the vibe of the place that gave birth to this culture we live.

While the exact releases date and the full line-up for Discourse's album 'Megalomaniac' has yet to be revealed, what we’ve seen so far is rather promising.