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Interview with Fraksha

02 May 2018 the process words by 2nd Thought
Interview with Fraksha

Fraksha has been at the forefront of the Melbourne & Australian Grime scene for over a decade. Maintaining bars and relevance in the scene holding it down and repping Melbourne city, I thought I could get some insight on The Process.    



Oli, I know you, Ciecmate and a few of the crew from Brokentooth Records are close friends. Do you have to separate your personal relationships when it comes to doing business as a collective?


Not really, I think that would be kind of weird to separate them. There might be the odd issue here and there, but not really from a business perspective. More just disagreements between friends, which happens in all friendships at different times regardless of the business aspect, at least from my perspective anyway. The friendships are always more important than anything else at the end of the day. Ciecmate, the guy who does the majority of the 'business' side of things may have his own comments as he has had to deal with all of us for many years and it has no doubt been difficult for him at times. There's a hell of a lot of behind the scenes stuff that some of us would have no experience of and we can be a challenging collective of people from time to time so big up Ciecers because he's the glue that's held it all together for so many years and continues to do so.


We were saddened to hear about the passing of MC Murky Depths, how did this affect you and the crew and are there any unreleased projects that might come to light in 2018?


Hugely man! From a personal perspective, losing such a close friend was devastating for all of us and still is, it's hit us very hard. Musically, we've been robbed of such a talent way too young. He was a pioneer and such a powerful force in the booth and on stage. There are some unreleased things that have to be worked through and hopefully will see the light of day. There's a huge Smash Brothers tune that will be on Scotty's forthcoming release with the last verse Murky recorded so look out for that pretty soon.


You were a part of the group 'nine high'. Will you guys be reuniting and doing a project anytime soon?


There are no plans at the moment, it's definitely something we've spoken about, we've had plans in place as well but executing them with us living on the other side of the world from Byron has made it pretty difficult and none of us want to half arse it. The thing with Nine High was that it was so organic, it wasn't planned or premeditated as such and I think doing it any way other than chilling together and coming up with concepts, hooks and all that with us all in the same place would be difficult. Yeah you can link on skype or something but it's not the same. The doors not closed on the idea, but for the moment it's not on the horizon.



You've dropped a couple of videos in the past year. Who has been involved in the production of these clips and how has the response been?


I've done a few features the past year, a couple with Nerve ('Hit the deck' and 'On lock' also with Wombat) which were done by Kyle Golly and Carl Allison and both have gone down pretty well, both with sick beats from Nerve. I did 'Putting that work in' with Mitchos that had Alex Jones & Sarm on also, this one went nuts! Big ups Joe90 for doing that clip, it was a big tune for all of us. I think the only one I put out last year that wasn't me featuring on someone else's tune was 'Together' with Alex Jones and Scotty. I actually filmed and put that clip together myself so the fact that the response has been so mad - around 500k views - has been pretty satisfying. I filmed it on my phone, couple takes each and stuck it all together on iMovie of all things so it just shows you don't need to go all out if the idea and song is strong enough.


It seems you have a strong interest in fashion, where did this come from and do you have any plans to create your own label in the future?


Nah, its a very fickle industry man and as much as I have a keen interest I wouldn't want to just do a half arsed 'street wear' label. Give me the big bucks and send me to Italy and then we'll talk! I dunno man, dressing fresh has always been a part of hip hop and grime so you want to dress fresh, look good, feel good innit. I always looked up to Skinnyman musically when I was younger and he was extravagant with his garms with all the matching shit and I loved that about him. I got an Avirex jacket back in the day because he wore one haha!!