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Interview with Fresh Violet

27 Feb 2018 the process words by 2nd Thought
Interview with Fresh Violet

I caught up with the rising Producer/ Rap Queen Fresh Violet to get some insight into her process and future projects.



Why the name Fresh Violet?

Fresh because I always change up my style. Violet because I go by Violet, after my nana.

How long have you been rapping and making music?

I was always making up little tunes when I was a kid. I started begging to learn piano when I was four. I kept it up and did a classical music degree when I finished school. It was a very intense, demanding course focused on instrumental playing and theory. When I finished that I was ready to break loose and explore my creativity and I began creating material as Fresh Violet.

 You have self-produced your latest track 'Gangsta' (see video below), have you always been a producer?

Yes! When I wrote my first bars, I thought they deserved to become a song but I didn't know anyone who liked or made Hip Hop music so I had to be very self reliant to get anything done. I love producing my own beats because its such an important part of the track and communicating your message or story.

Do you feel like the hiphop scene is very male dominated, does it affect your creativity?

It is extremely male dominated. I often wonder what the ratio of female to male rappers is in Melbourne. Maybe 1:200, maybe even more. Other areas like producing have an even bigger disparity. It doesn't effect what I write directly because I have my own style and write for myself and about my experiences more than anything else. It means there's a lot of uncharted territory for me to cover though and I get great feed back from my audience because it's so different and uncommon to hear a feminine take on hip hop in Australia. Even though a lot of it is inspired by classic and modern Hip Hop and can get technical and aggressive at times but it's always thoroughly "me".

What's on the agenda for 2018?

Big things! My album 50 Shades of Violet is being mixed at the moment! That was a huge project to create, it's a 12 track self produced extravaganza. I'll also be dropping an EP to tide everyone over while it's all being finalised. I'm also hosting a mini festival called Ante Up! We're doing shows all along the East Coast raising money for charities that support survivors of DV and family violence. I also have a short film I created with Mr. Ruckman and Raphael Recht ready to drop.. (Just to name a few things). 2018 is looking large.