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HFNR Interview

14 Sep 2017 blog words by Terence Ill
HFNR Interview

Whether it's due to his ongoing work with Melbourne rapper Kwasi, or his latest production effort for 360, it is hard to ignore HFNR. The Melbourne producer has been working hard to establish his sound and ultimately himself as a creator of fine, bass driven sound scapes.



1. I first heard about you through your collaboration with Kwasi. Was your work with Kwasi your first project where you got to work with one artist on a face to face level for a longer period of time?

Yeah working with Kwasi was probably the first time I'd worked with an artist for a longer period of time. I'd worked with a few people before him but was just collaborations here and there. Was dope meeting Kwasi because we have such a similar taste in music, same goals and work ethic.

I think it's really important (especially in music) to surround yourself with people who are going to inspire you and push you to improve all the time and Kwasi does exactly that. Has been a really great couple of years and we're just getting started!

2. Tell me about The Cabin? What is this mythical place?

So The Cabin is basically the home base for Kwasi and myself. It's a fully equipped studio space where we create all our music. We also do recording/engineering work for a whole heap of local artists out of there as well. We've had a lot of amazing artists come through! It's definitely a vibe!

3. There was a clip going around on Facebook a while back from a DJ set you played where the crowd were going absolutely mental to your tunes. What did that feel like?

Yeah was crazy man! I was lucky enough to support the Suicideboys at their Melbourne show while they were touring Australia. Was a sold out show at Max Watts and the energy in that room was insane! Played a heap of local music in that set and it's super inspiring to see a crowd like that get just as wild to a track by someone like Travy P or Manu as they do to Future or some other huge international artist. Got me really hyped to keep playing bigger and bigger shows and keep pushing to take this whole Australian nu-wave scene to the international level. I think we're a lot closer than most people think.

4. How did you end up doing a track with 360? Was he on you radar as a collaborator or was that a random event?

The opportunity just sort of came up. I'd met a couple of people from his team a while back and just kept in contact. Was asked if I'd like to work on a record he was doing with Travy P so got in the studio and knocked out a beat. Everyone vibed it and they dropped it about a month later. Since day one I've always been working towards placing a beat with a major artist so was really hyped to be able to work on music for one of the biggest names in Australian Hip Hop.

5. Who's next? Any other major artist you've got your eye on?

I'd love to work with some of the artists out here in the US that have inspired my music over the past few years. A Tory Lanez or Travis Scott placement would be next level! Been really inspired by the whole dancehall/afrobeat sound recently too so would love the opportunity to link up with someone like Popcaan eventually. Huge fan of his music!
I have a few things in the works with some big local artists who are killing it right now too but can't reveal too much about that just yet.

6. You are in LA for a few months. Why LA?

Yeah bro out here in LA for 3 months going hard with the music! I travelled here for a holiday a couple years back and fell in love with the place. Set myself the goal right then of getting back over here for a solid amount of time to work on music and meet people in the industry over here. Obviously it's the home of the music industry too, and, I've always been really influenced by American Hip-Hop so it was the logical place to come and challenge myself. There's just so much creative stuff happening here, everyone's got some sort of dream their pursuing. It's just really inspiring to be around!

7. What do you expect from your trip?

The main goals for the trip are to collaborate with a heap of artists over here and in the process challenge myself to improve my production skills. Also to just meet different people in the industry over here and build a bit of a network. Trips been off to a really good start so far, I've been in the studio with some super talented artists and had some really positive meetings with industry people.

8. Most producers who manage to stay relevant for a long time change their style of music over the years. What kind of music do you see yourself making in 10 years time?

Definitely man, I think it's so important to be versatile with genres and styles because trends change so quickly today. Your only limiting yourself if you don't constantly try and push the boundaries of what's the norm. To answer the question though, I honestly have no idea what I'll be creating in 10 years time. Everything I make is a reflection of what I'm feeling like at the time or the energy in the room. I've always created music that I personally like and haven't payed too much attention to jumping from trend to trend.

9. What will the next thing be we will hear from HFNR? Have you got any new music locked and loaded?

 I'm sitting on so much music right now! Kwasi and myself have a whole vault full of songs waiting to be released, and even more that just need the finishing touches done. We've also just finished up working on Melbourne artist Reiis' EP. This guy is crazy talented and I'm really happy with how the projects turned out so stay tuned for that. I've also been writing a heap of music with some artists over here in LA so will have plenty of international vibes for you all when I get back!