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IN THE MIX: DJ Decktektive

10 Dec 2015 in the mix words by Terence Ill
IN THE MIX: DJ Decktektive

DJ Decktektive, the man in charge of the beats at the freestyle open mic night "Can I Kick It" alongside DJ Daily, is kicking off our new "In The Mix" series.

A Boom Bap fiend, Decktektive's beat selection and smooth transitions provide a seamless canvas for Melbourne's freestyle talent on the weekly. After recently releasing his Appropriation Mixtape and already working on his next move, he still made some time to record a mix for us.

So, without further dealy, enjoy thirty minutes of phat tunes with DJ Decktektive: IN THE MIX: DJ Decktecktive by Hiphop_Dot_Melbourne on Mixcloud


Also, don't forget to check out Decktektive's Apropriation Tape on Soundcloud.