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Interview with PASIKA

10 Jan 2018 the process words by 2nd Thought
Interview with PASIKA

Caught up for dinner and drinks with the homie Pasika to get an update on the process and a bit of insight on projects and how he got into the music scene.



How long have you been doing the music thing? I remember you through the hard hustle does this collective still run??

I've been taking my music seriously for the past 8 or 9 years but I've always sang. My hard hustle days were from 2008-2010 , after that the group dispersed after the death of sly .

Your latest track "Man Down" really hits the heart for a lot of us that knew Sly. Tell us what was the motivation behind this?

The motivation behind 'man down' is to pay homage to a close friend who passed too soon, Slycoh Marowa . He was like the engine of Hard Hustle and each member was the fuel. When we lost our engine, us as the fuel needed to figure out what we were gonna do next. For some of us that meant focusing on solo careers and for others it meant quitting music altogether. I took it upon myself to carry the torch and go forward with the music and so a song dedicated to the homie is the best way I can keep his memory alive.

Your beats and vocal game is on point.. Do you make your own beats or is there a producer behind all ur production techniques?

At first all my beats were done by Sly, when Sly was gone I was forced to buy beats off the internet. Now I'm lucky to have producers from all over to ask me to be on their beats. I've also had the pleasure of recently connecting with a fantastic dj and producer from Melbourne called MK OFTEN, who makes beats that suit my style and direction of music.

You visit your hometown in South Africa "Soweto" quite frequently have you had any thoughts on collaboration with artists from back home or overseas?

Yes I have , South Africa is full of talented artists that I'd love to work with, in fact I am heavily influenced by the music and culture so collaborating with a South African artist is definitely on my list .

What's in store for 2018? Any new projects on the way??

Many new projects are in store for 2018. Just keep an eye out and an ear to the street . Make sure to support your boy.