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Interview: Dos Boy

18 Nov 2016 spotlight words by Terence Ill
Interview: Dos Boy

Dos Boy left his home town of Byron Bay for Melbourne, where he recently launched his new EP 'Off The Rip'. I spoke to Dos Boy about the move, Melbourne, and his plans for the near future.

You recently moved to Melbourne from Byron Bay. Do you see the relocation as a career move? In other words, was it a decision based on your music, or did you just need to get away from everything for a bit?

Dos Boy: I guess it was a bunch of different things that led me to move down here. Music was definitely a huge part of it, but I was also at a point where I needed to make a change. I also had a couple of mates living down here. So, it all just kind of worked out at the time.

How did Byron treat you as a musician? I've lived in a few touristy places and I always found the beach-side tourism spots are notorious for a shit taste in music, because the clubs and pubs mostly cater to drunk travellers. Is Byron different? Was there a niche for your kind of music?

Dos Boy: [Laughs] I have to say, Byron has great taste in music. A lot of epic artists and bands have come out of there! But honestly, there's not much of a hip hop scene there. It wasn't until I moved down here that I really started to develop and understand the whole process.

You recently launched your new EP 'Off The Rip' at The Penny Black. How was it? Was that your first gig in Melbourne?

Dos Boy: Yeah man, it was real! I've played a bunch of shows in Melbourne over the past year or so, but this one was up there with the best. A fight actually broke out in the back during my set, which hasn't happened before. Apparently they were fighting over one of the EPs we were throwing out! Haha! The line-up was also dope! Mikey Hunj, Kwasi and Northside all killed it. Shout out those dudes!

I noticed you had Kwasi on support. His music is Thrash. What's yours? No, wait! Let's make this more of a challenge. Describe your sound as you would describe it to a person who can't hear it. [laughs an evil laugh]

Dos Boy: [Laughs] Weird question. I don't like it, but I'll do my best. My shit sounds like the feeling you get when your high on Molly, blowing smoke rings out a Jeffery.

Any other local artists you've discovered since you arrived, that you're looking forward to seeing more of?

Dos Boy: Man, there's so many good artists in Melbourne. I'm all about supporting other artists, but I've been hibernating lately. I should get out more. I think Kwasi & HFNR are playing at Re Up soon. I'd hit that!

What's next? Playing heaps of gigs, or a new project? Or both.

Dos Boy: So, I'm working on a Music Video at the moment for "Skinny Jeans" with Clancy Walker. He did the video for Like Drugs. I've also got few upcoming shows to announce soon! So yeah, I've got a bit happening at the moment and there's also new music in the works!



Check out the EP here: