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Catching up with Loanwolf at Groove Penguin Records

16 Oct 2017 the process words by 2nd Thought
Catching up with Loanwolf at Groove Penguin Records

The sextape is about to drop so i was definetly keen to hear how this project came about.

Why gator ?

It was a nickname well before I wrote any thing. I use to get drunk and spit raps to my mates who worked behind bars, I would freestyle about the girls in the club and get a free drink here n there. One night I was wearing a black n white adidas 3 stripe like Will Farrell out of 'the other guys' and I got tagged with the name.

So how did it go from you just spitting freestyles to persona mix tape with a voice effect ?

I had written and recorded it then focused on other projects. About a year after Illresponce from the Psyde Projects said we should get it mastered and release it on Groove Penguin Records.

When you wrote the lyrics did you know how the finished product would sound ?

Not at all. Started with freestyles then at least a year after that Dfro from the Psyde Projects gave me some old beats he made. I wrote it and going into recording I had no intention of releasing it, it was sort of a joke. Like I said Illresponce said to release it and he also gave me the idea for the voice effect.

Did everything go to plan once you decided to release it ?

There was a lot to juggle, marstering from Dan San, Did a patnership with BoyWolf clothing with my merch. Getting the 'No Babies' film clip ready, @Worldincrisis a Melbourne artist hand drew the art for my promotion and getting the voice effect for the live proformence was allot for everything to go to plan but we got there.

Whats to come?

'No Babies' Film clip 19 October then for three weeks I will be hosting the GPR/ BoyWolf Merch sales at lucky liquour on Chapel St. 10th of November I will release my 4 track mix tape titled 'The Gator Sextape' at lucky as well. You will be able to track my movements at @loanwolf.gator @groovepenguinrecords and @boywolf