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Meet Sol'Manic, who just released his solo project LOS|SOL

08 Sep 2015 spotlight words by Terence Ill
Meet Sol'Manic, who just released his solo project LOS|SOL

I had a chat to Sol'Manic, about Los|Sol, 90's RD, THC and how it all started for him.

Most artist in Hip Hop can name one person that introduced them to the art form in one way or another, usually an older sibling. Who was that person for you?

SOL: For me that was my uncle man, he's the reason I fell in love with the art. I remember this one time when I was mad younger he was picking me up from mine and we were going back to his joint, but before we left he threw in this cd "death certificate by ice cube" & looked over at me and was like "whatever you do, you don't tell you ma okay" and all I can say is that I completely lost my mind on that car ride back!

The first rhyme you ever wrote, do you remember sitting down and writing it? What was it about?

SOL: Damn that was a while back... I wouldn't have even been in high school. I ain't going to tell you exactly what it was but it was something corny as shit, haha.

You just released LOS|SOL, your debut solo release. Though, your sound seems rather mature and refined. Why did you wait this long with your first realease?

SOL: I wanted to take time with this project, get to know myself better then anything. This tape was a process of 2 years & in that 2 years man I learnt a lot about me, I found what I wanted to experiment with & were I felt wanted journey more into. There's no such thing as a time limit & I guess a lot of people forget that. Even myself at stages.

You are affilliated with two Melbourne crews, 90’sRD and The High Comission (THC). The two have quite different demographics - the 90'sRD members tend to be quite young, while Motley and Rydah on the THC side are well-seasoned and probably at a different stage in their development as artists. Do you draw different types of inspiration from the different poeple you surround yourself with?

SOL: 100%, RD & THC are my fam man. Viewing it from both sides of the spectrum is incredible. Ive learnt so much from being that malcolm in the middle you know haha (as a human as well as an artist), from the energy in everybody on both sides, to the way were all creating individually. It's taught me something real valuable. The world we'll see what's impending.

What's next for Sol'Manic? Are you planning to perform this release for a while or are you already thinking about your next move?

SOL: Damn what's next for me... yeah I'll be pushing this around for the minute just so people catch the platform of were I'm at but I'm already onto the next thing now, so I'll be back to hibernating real soon.

Finally, where can punters catch you if they want to see you perform live?

SOL: This Friday night, 11/9 at Ding Dong Lounge 9pm, I'll be launching LOS|SOL with the fams THC & RD. Other then that I guess people well have to keep an eye out for when they want to catch me.


Get the 15-track release LOS|SOL at