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Your Melbourne lo-fi Hip Hop starter kit

10 Nov 2016 spotlight words by Terence Ill
Your Melbourne lo-fi Hip Hop starter kit

Lo-fi Hip Hop is maybe one of the most intriguing and exciting things to happen to instrumental Hip Hop in a while. The still realtively small, but increasingly popular, sub-genre is doing away with conventions.

Sample rates are low, the crackles and pops are loud, the low-end is heavy, the drum patterns are loose and the otherwise dreaded frequency mud is a playground for lo-fi producers. They draw inspiration from VHS tapes, 80's computer games, Anime and every other thing that loosely fits the "nerd" theme.

Lo-fi artists and their music can be a bit tricky to track down. They use cryptic spellings for their artist and track names, they add special chΔracters to their names that most people don't know how to reproduce on their keyboards, or they choose character names from old movies or TV shows as artist names, making them almost impossible to google.

The best way into the lo-fi rabbit hole, is to start with an artist you know, then follow the Soundcloud and Bandcamp trails to find the artist they like and follow.

Since Melbourne has quite a few rather talented lo-fi producers on offer, we'll get you started with three stand-outs, in no particular order:


Ra Ra Raj

w a l l a C


You can also find these artists on our artist directory with links to all their social media profiles.

Now off you go down the rabbit hole! 

Let us know who your favourite local lo-fi artist are in the comments.