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The Tip Of The Spear

18 Nov 2017 the process words by 2nd Thought
The Tip Of The Spear

Pataphysics has just released his new album 'Tip of the Spear' so I checked in to get some info on the process.


Can you give us a rundown on the new album?

Hip Hop with instrumentation. Going between MPC and chopped samples, and live instrumentation; like trumpet, rhodes, Moog, telecaster, live drums,bass, vocoders. I delved a bit deeper on this one. Pushed out of my comfort zone to explore different avenues and areas of writing. But it still has a bunch of opinions about our  government and potential alternative

Did you collaborate with other artists? How was that?

Yeah I worked with a bunch of people, but I had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted on this album. Most of the songs were already written and a lot of it was getting vocalists in to sing specific parts and words I had written, but they would also add their own style and embellishment to the tracks. Quite different from the way you might collaborate when you're creating something new together. The   highlights was def getting my Mum, sister, niece and nephew on a joint. It was also an absolute pleasure recording Kaait and Allysha Joy, vocal tone for days and amazing humans.

How long did it take you to make this album and what were some of the challenges you faced?

This one took a while, I wrote a whole bunch of music and songs and chose and developed my favorites that fit together. Sometimes when you're chasing and developing a sound you can spend a long time experimenting to achieve the thing you want. I also write, record, produce and mix everything, which can sometimes make things a bit longer then they may need to be.

What is your process in the lab? (from making beats to writing lyrics, etc.)

I write on a bunch of different things and sometimes start with a hook or the
beat. Might make something on the MPC or Ableton or jamming and idea on
bass or keys then making the song from there.

Do you seek feedback on your work whilst you are creating it?

I often get feedback on the mixes and sometimes I play people tunes to see
how they go down. But at the end of the day I will trust my ear and the
creative vision I have for the song.

What was your original vision for the album and do you feel you've
accomplished that?

Well it's always that expression of self. Musically, I feel I have achieved that
and the sound I was going for. As far as content I feel there are some huge
gaps in the literature and opinions I haven't felt that have been clearly
expressed or voiced. So presenting these ideas was also a big part of what
I wanted in the album.

Most of your work responds to and critiques the social and political
injustices in both Australia and the wider world. Do you see your music as
a form of protest or resistance?

I know Public Enemy, Rage and early Ice Cube sparked something in my
younger self. Music is important and can definitely voice ideas and
inspire. But I still think political action shouldn't be limited to singing
and strumming a guitar. There's lot's of things people can do whether
organising politically or engaging with grassroots organisations. Also
Facebook can be a false idea of political action, the Facebook algorithm is
like zion in the matrix.