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In the studio with Phil Gektor

28 Sep 2017 the process words by 2nd Thought
In the studio with Phil Gektor

It was only a matter of time that we had to approach this talent about this project. 

Why the change in genre?

It wasnt really a conscious decision I had always been more interested in beats than rapping I kind of fell into rapping from not really been that into a lot of australian rappers so just doing it myself to try get what I wanted. I Was never really happy with it though. So I finally did The Clinic in 2015 which was really a sample based instrumental hip hop album in the vein of DJ Shadow or RJD2 but the second half I ramped up the tempo a bit used some fast breaks and it almost sounded like jungle. I just kept developing from there nearly every tune I make will have a hip hop section in it, Im just more into changing tempos and keys within the tune. To me its a natural progression.

Has this affected your creative process, How?

Not really, all the same equipment, Id say Im now making hip hop with a garage and jungle influence its all 90s sample based music so the science is the same.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Im a nerd man, I always am nerding out on something an just researching watching videos listening etc. I like to keep exploring the musical landscape. For my Step FM album I actually made a tumbler of some of the stuff that inspired me its 90s docos old recordings of early 90s raves pretty much answers the question of how I get inspired

What has been the response been like from the people who know you as a hip hop producer?

It def hasnt taken of man but I have a small group of people that have come along for the ride and Im happy with that. In 2017 it doesnt really matter If you get 50,000 plays on a youtube video or 100 no ones getting payed anything just enjoy your life do what you want to do.

Shall we expect a grime/trap album from Phil Gektor anytime soon?

Dont imagine so. Even though Im exploring new things for me its all old 90s genres. My equipment is old, Im old. Lol. Grime and trap are made more in Fruity Loops, Logic, or the older stuff on Korg Tritons or other keyboard work stations. It would take a complete overhaul of how I work to change to those genres though that said I do include elements and influences from those genres.

How was it collaborating with Flu on this project?

Both of the CC:White 7"s Flu has jumped on have been a sort of jungle/hip hop type fusion. So flu is rapping over 80bpm and then the breakdowns switch up to 160bpm. So flu is just rapping over 80bpm hip hop which is what he is doing these days so its pretty natural its not like hes switching genres at all.

Have you gained a new fan base from traditional drumnbass listeners?

No. Ive never been any good at publicity and haven't made a huge effort. The amount of music I like to put out leaves little time for networking and making new friends. Also what I make bares no resemblance to modern drum and bass at all, its not even pure jungle. Some of it is more garage influenced. Im all over the place bro. And nowhere at the same time. Haha.

Have you actively engaged with the scene?

I think because what Im making has a bit more of a dance music leaning I got to get out there and DJ and stuff, I bought some CDJs and am learning to DJ. Not sure how I never got to round to it as I have been buying records my whole life. Australian hip hop is much more facebook orientated which I hate. I think I just got to get out there in the real world.

What's your favourite track on this project?

Which Project homie?
Ive done 6 or 7 projects so far this year. Haha. Really hard to call as I dont look back too much, I just keep it moving. On the jungle tip I like Every Day Thing from the Step FM project which has a video Discourse absolutely nailed the vibe so was very happy with that. From moodswing on the more garage side I l like Drift, Lord Knows of Moodswing II and You Can Call Me of Moodswing I. Honestly Im pretty happy with all of it on the od occasion I listen back which is something I never had with rapping. It always gave me the douche chills.

Whats next from here?

I have two Reverend Glock Eps dropping next followed by two more Moodswing projects which are all done and ready for release. Im currently working on something under the alias Sad Rambo which is a bit more of a traditional hip hop project and is inspired by the recent death of an old friend.

 Any upcoming events/tours?

I will be spinning soul 45s every Sunday arvo at Southside Social in Frankston from mid October. Hopefully will be spinning alot more in the near future