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Premiere: Amalagamation EP by Emerald and Kayboku

01 Feb 2017 music news words by Terence Ill
Premiere: Amalagamation EP by Emerald and Kayboku

"Touch down Tullamarine to discover it's a hell of a scene"
Big City Hippy 

Amalgamation is out now as a digital release.

True to its name, the EP is an amalgamation of inspiration, where lush NZ island vibes meets vibrant Melbourne city life, but also an amalgamation of styles, where laid back conscious lyricism meets in-your-face beats. The 4-track release is the result of when two artists with very different backgrounds are drawn together by a love of music.

Emerald and Kayboku first crossed paths in 2014 at Twisted Frequency Festival in Takaka, New Zealand. Kayboku's studio in Melbourne, which was already frequently utilised as a shelter for travelling artists, would soon become the base camp for Emerald as she permanently relocated to Melbourne to pursue music.


Emerald & Kayboku performing at Thickly Spread Festival


Since collaborating the duo have performed and toured extensively, finally finding time to get into the studio. Amalgamation neatly wraps up the first chapter of their adventures together. Keep an eye out for future projects from these two musical powerhouses.