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Avid Melbourne producer Sadiva is about to dish out some 'Lethal Chops'

23 Jan 2017 spotlight words by Terence Ill
Avid Melbourne producer Sadiva is about to dish out some 'Lethal Chops'

If you have been hitting local Hip Hop and beat gigs around Melbourne recently, you most likely saw Sadiva play at one time or another.

One of very few women in the producer scene, she has been gigging hard and relentlessly worked here way through the ranks - to the point where it is almost impossible to find a beat gig that does not have her on the bill. Sadiva is gearing up to an album release later in the year, but in the meantime she's tickling our taste buds with some 'Lethal Chops'.

Sadiva, you’re a vocalist as well as a producer and you are about to release your beattape “Lethal Chops”. Will there be any of your own vocals on the tape? Any features? Or just beats?

This tape is a strictly Sadiva beats only. The vocals are currently being cooked up along with the album 'Bodega State Of Mind', which I’m excited to share with you alongside my music partner in crime Soul Journal later in the year.

You’ve been playing lots of gigs lately, sometimes two on the same night. How do you approach gigs? Do you see them as showcases of your best work, or do you trial stuff, to see how new material is received?

I approach gigs differently every time. I have my little book with sets I’ve worked on and I’m constantly adding new material. Sometimes I try it out on the night but thats not always the best idea, haha. I don't want to be playing the same thing all the time so I try to mix it up.

You spent some time in New York last year and you seemed very inspired when you returned. From your point of view, what did that trip do for your music? And are you planning to return to New York in 2017?

Yeah, that trip was dope and I could speak about it for hours. I got to go to open mics all around NYC (EOTW and Legendary Cyphers), I got to shoot my first video clip, I met people who have inspired me. I've been shown endless amounts of love. I was lucky enough to meet Russell Simmons and Jarobi from ATCQ.
I also went down to Arizona to see the infamous Clay Adams and I got to play BeatLAB AZ. I also played New Grand Fridays and this open mic at a Pizza bar. Going to Arizona really opened my eyes to the scene over there and it really inspired me. Every show I played and every person I met really played a huge role in that. It was so special, that whole experience. I gotta shout out Soul Journal, EBE, GUILD and FrizzNilzon for a lot of inspiration and support.

You have a bit of an obsession with an artist previously known as Zev Love X. Can you explain what is so intriguing about this metal-faced human?

I definitely do. The reason I love the metal face frown is simply his beats, his wordplay, his flow, his delivery - pretty much everything. When I first started listening to hip hop Doom was one that I got hooked on. His music has a lot of influence on me and the beats I make today. I also may have a few doom remixes in the mix.

Music production is a very male dominated scene and Melbourne is no exception there. Has being a female player in the game worked in your favour, do you think? Or have there been hazards that you feel would not have been there for male artists?

This comes up a bit. Honestly, it has been incredible how I’ve been so welcomed into this beat scene. I’ve worked really hard and put in just as much effort and energy, as most of these guys, and I think that’s what people see. It is great being able to rep the ladies, and the support I get from my women is such a blessing. I hope to see more female producers step out this year. There are hazards, though. As a female producer you do have to be careful and not be vulnerable, because people do take advantage… but I guess that also applies to everyone.

The beat scene has been booming here lately. There are lots of gigs that cater to producers and a lot of great producers have come out of their bedroom studios over the last year or two. Any local artist that you find particularly inspiring?

The scene in Melbourne is popping and the inspiration is everywhere. There are so many artist and communities, like BeatLAB and my family Lab Co. People like Walla C, Entro, Mister Litty, Oxcyde, Mellowolf, Skomes and DJ Lotus Moonchild are just a few to name, who have just given me so much energy. This city truly is filled with amazing talent right now. You can actually catch pretty much most of that talent at my Cassette Launch for Lethal Chops on Saturday 28th Jan at workshop.


Catch Sadiva live this Saturday, as she launches her first ever beat tape 'Lethal Chops' alongside some of Melbourne's finest on the beats.