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Iterview with Rapaport ahead of his Melbourne show at Grumpy's this Friday

18 Jul 2017 spotlight words by Terence Ill
Iterview with Rapaport ahead of his Melbourne show at Grumpy's this Friday

Rapaport and his Big Village bredren stand tall in the Sydney Hip Hop landscape. The success of Big Village is no coincidence, but the result of hard work, persistence and a persevering dedication to the label, it's artists and the local scene.

The ongoing commitment takes it's toll. The side effects of being the driving force behind Big Village inspired Rapaport's latest single Lost in the Frequency. He is headed to Melbourne for a live show at Grumpy's this Friday to launch the single and for an exclusive glimpse of more new music.

In Lost in the Frequency you touch on the struggles and pressures you're experiencing. I assume a lot of it is related to being a label head honcho?

Rapaport: Yeah, it's about some of the stress and pressure of the record label, but it's also about any stress and anxiety that everyone suffers from at one point or another. For me the song is really about me getting through the stressful headspace by remembering what I've accomplished so far in my life and what I'm working towards and what drives me. Definitely the label stuff and some of the struggles we have had over the years is what inspired me to write the song but I feel it is bigger than that as well.

"Wanna walk off, see if they pick it up..." - I dare say they won't pick it up. Is the fear of that happening what keeps you going?

Rapaport: I guess that line refers to that particular feeling when you might be working on something and it does feel like there's no way out, and yeah maybe not being valued by people around you. Over time I think you find the people that you can work with well, which is really the aim. And to be honest, is the situation I am in now, so things have definitely improved in the last few years.

It's been a while since you released an album, especially solo. Any bigger body of music in the works or just singles for now for Rapaport?

Rapaport: Yep, the album Village Idiot will be coming out in October 2017.

If you could change one thing about the Sydney Hip Hop scene right now, what would it be?

Rapaport: Probably more small venues for acts starting out. At the moment there is such a small number of venues to play and it does limit artist when planning shows.

I know a fair few people who would love to see a Sketch The Rhyme event in Melbourne. What would it take for that to happen?

Rapaport: Ooh yeah, we are working on it. It will happen, but for the next few months I really am just focused on this album release. So, it will probably be next year.

Any last words before shit goes down on Friday?

Rapaport: Pumped to be bringing down a whole new live show with most of the tunes from the forthcoming album and an amazing live drummer by the name of Finn Ryan, who will playing with me for the whole set.