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Remi and Sensible J launch their label "House of Beige"

17 Sep 2015 music news words by Terence Ill
Remi and Sensible J launch their label published an article today, announcing that Melbourne rapper Remi and producer Sensible J are launching their on record label House of Beige.

Remi is quoted saying “…House of Beige will release records that we think are amazing…”. The concept reminds one of the Stones Throw Records concept, that has a similar approach at it’s core. Peanutbutter Wolf, founder of Stones Throw, recently stated in an interview "Don't start a record label.", advice that Remi and Sensible J are happy to ignore and give it a shot.

The duo are not taking any prisoners either, with Hip Hop icon Hau Latekefu, who is said to release his upcoming album The No End Theory on House of Beige, and Melbourne rappers Cazeaux O.S.L.O. and N’fa amongst the signed artists.

You can read the original article here.