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At the Simmertown Headquarters

23 Oct 2017 words by 2nd Thought
At the Simmertown Headquarters

I had arranged to meet up with the founder of Simmertown (Bizz), Melbourne based music label to find out a bit more about their projects in the works and recent releases. And a brief update of the artists on the label.


Who is Royalty Noise?

Bizz:The music of Royalty Noise is about much more than a hip-hop band re-enacting live loops. The essence of the band is a soundscape that traverses Dub Reggae and Jazz- R&B, using dexterous lyrical delivery and strong musicianship to create a progressive sound. The soul of the band emanates from the diversity of its members; drawing on different cultural backgrounds of Ethiopia, Samoa and Morocco, and each contributing different musical influences.There are five members in the band's linup: Bizz Oh, MC and founder of the group, Hyina Mufasa, singer, Dan Richardson, drums, Nadav Raymond, keys and synth, and last but not least Yoseph Bekele, bass.

How long have you been in town?

 Bizz:The name Royalty Noise has gone through many transitional stages over the years, evolving with the music, from back when our first sound was just based around MPC/Frooty loops in the box production - evident in our first album "Daily Rituals".The concept of forming a band came to life when I got a warehouse in Brunswick, which was the beginning of a lot of music you'd be hearing now, lots of our friends made music in that joint, including well-known Melbourne hip hop artists. I mean, it was a hang out, a creative space. Jams all day and all night. That shit was a circus, all day, every day. To put it simply, it was a place for creativity to flow freely.My boy Hakim introduced me to Yoseph (bass player) later on that year and we hit it off from day one. From then on I wanted to start a hip hop band. We auditioned many different musicians trying to find a match for the sound we were going for; it was a fun period. I remember at one stage there were like 12 members but that became too hard to manage and the rhythm was too loose. We decided to strip it back to the basics.In 2013 I met Dan (drummer) when studying sound engineering at JMC and I invited him to the warehouse. We had a jam, which I thought sounded dope - this dude could hold a groove son! So I called Yoseph and he came over and he thought the same. After a few weeks of jamming together we decided to book a gig, but a day or two before the show our Dj, Kavinda, who played almost everything that wasn't drums and bass through loops, dropped out for another commitment, as well as MC at time Keb, so Dan said he knew a dude that could play keys. We thought we could just freestyle the show. I also invited Ina (Hyina Mufasa, singer) on the night. Having never played with each other we were all in for a surprise – a good surprise, because it turns out we were vibing on stage like Vegemite on toast! From that day onwards the Royalty Noise you know today was born.

Who is Simmer Town?

Bizz:Simmer Town is a music and arts collective and independent record label, put together by producers Bizz Oh and Stay Nice. Based in Brunswick East, Simmer Town has a professional recording studio, where many artists in the Melbourne hip hop community get together to jam, write, record, and just make beautiful music. Simmer Town have released hip hop and soul albums, spoken word poetry, written scores for documentaries and audiobooks, hosted live music showcases and promoted diversity in the industry.

There are some rumors that there are new projects in the works, when
will these come to life?


We've got so many exciting things on the way - Simmer Town will be dropping lots of new releases in the summer, so stay tuned! Some things you can look forward to: Stay Nice's hip hop album, which is all finished in the studio, and just at the mastering and PR stage, Royalty Noise's long awaited sophomore hip hop album, also finished with the writing and recording process and just at the mixing and mastering stage. We've also got things coming from brand new artists – the smooth vocal styling's of Husain's debut R&B album is coming to your ears soon, as well as MSG's first album, a local soul project and band on the rise. SEEKA's album is due to be released in December, as well as J-Waters new release, which we are currently filming clips for. Last but not least, Simmer Town Sound System, a collection of many of our MCs and rap artists is due to release a roots/hip hop/soul album very soon.