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Interview at Rubix Headquaters

01 Nov 2017 words by 2nd Thought
Interview at Rubix Headquaters

Tanya El Gamal aka Jamima Jonez one of the hardest working women in the
Melbourne live music Scene. Thought i'd check in with the Managing Director herself, to follow upon the new venue and future plans.


Tanya, Ive seen you swallow a whole lot of determination to stabilise not
only hip hop but the music scene in general for Melbourne city. Where does
the drive and passion for this come from?

I get bored easy haha. Nah but seriously, i've been on the this path since
i decided failure was not an option living on the streets as a teenager.
Hip hop played such a huge role in finding my feet in life and starting my
career in the music industry, that i think i'll always be a pusher of real
hip hop culture and the magic of music. I've forever had the vision of
making a living doing what i love and not being a slave to the system,
that's enough to keep me going.

You have also managed to start a family amongst all the other things. Has
this helped you strive for more or less to make time for family? and how do
you manage your time?

Finding the balance is always hard but since moving out to the farm its
been so much fun spending time with Oska doing stuff around the property. I
guess the ultimate goal is to not have to work so we can spend our time
with the family, so the harder i work now, the quicker i can kick back and
build tree houses. Time management..haha well.. lets just say im very grateful for my immediate crew who work with me everyday helping me keep it all together.

Apart from business you are also an artist, do you still make time to write
and record?

I'm pretty sure there's not a day that goes by that i don't say "i can't
wait till i've got time to lock myself away n write".. reality is it ain't
happening for a while. But i get my mic fix hosting Free Dope and the other
drum and bass parties at Rubix. I get super spoilt getting to jump up with
all the mega internationals that roll through, and it feels like im in my
lounge room. Once we get the studio set up out at the farm, i may disappear.

Now I'm super excited to say congratulations about the new Festival in the
works, would you be able to elaborate a bit on how and the reasons this has
been put into action?

Thanks Willy, well the parties actually a huge house warming for the farm
i've been talking about. My self and all the Rubix crew have taken over a
221 acre property an hour north of Melb, purpose built for festivals.
Friends of Ours is our way of introducing the new spot which turns out is
the biggest licensed venue in Melbourne, to all our friends and family that
we've made through music over the years. The property came with the permit
for cup weekend so I thought it'd be rude not to use it.

I could probably write a book with the list of questions I have for you. But
ill save some for the future.
Whats to come in the near future that we should get prepared for?

I don't know that you could prepare for how friendly the future looks, but
I'll say that music has a new playground in Melbourne, and I can't wait to
show you.

Friends of Ours Farm Party
$100 Tickets through eventbrite for 3 days camping plus the after party at
Rubix on cup eve.
Nov 3 - 6, Tallarook, VIC
Featuring Roni Size, DubFX, Spoonbill, N'fa, Motley, Junor, Jamima Jonez,
Able8, BTwo, Dyzlexic, Nam, JPS, Dub Princess and heaps more