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Interview with Sally Sherriff

19 Dec 2017 the process words by 2nd Thought
Interview with Sally Sherriff

Caught up with Mc Sally Sherriff to ask a few question on her process with music and projects in the works!!



What motivates you to be part of such a small and male dominated hip hop community in Melbourne?

I think I just love the art of rhyme. I love words and their meanings and putting them to a beat is just fun, that in itself keeps me motivated. It's kind of taken over like an addiction and now if I don't write I feel ashamed almost. I like to keep to myself majority of the time, I'm a typical introvert so my motivation comes in my alone time when I'm reflecting. I guess, seeing my vision come to light is what keeps me wanting more. In regards to the scene being male dominated, I would love to see more diverse female artist in hip hop rise up, although I'm sort of just used to it being this way. I don't constantly make comparisons of males and females in the scene, we are all human and I genuinely see everyone as human first and I take everyone at face value. I wish everyone did this. I can relate well to males; I grew up with 2 older brothers' so sometimes I kind of forget it even is so male dominated. In saying that, there is certainly an underlying power play involved with some people I've dealt with, on the other hand some women are so focused on feminism that it takes away the validity of the point they are trying to make. It should be about getting a point across in a way that it opens another's view to different perspectives, rather than forcing it down their throats in attempt to sway their beliefs. At the end of the day misogynist are in every scene not just hip hop, decent people are decent people and I make a conscious choice to be selective in company I keep. When it comes down to it, I think ego is the biggest issue. Some artists rate themselves very highly and sometimes rightfully so, they are talented and have earned recognition through hard work but that does not give them the right to talk down to anybody. Nobody is better than anyone. I'm not the type of person to put up with that though, I guess it ain't for the faint hearted I highly rate successful artists that make a difference one person at a time, that use their influence to better the world and artists that give their true fans the same love as they give them, that take time to show them the way. That right there paves the path, that is the heart warming shit hip hop is made of!

Where did it all start. Are you self-taught or do you have a crew/collective that you work with?

I learnt how to construct a song myself, I'd like to move on to production and videography down the line. I'm well aware of how I want things to sound and look and if it isn't right I scrap it. I always played around with different instruments and things when I was younger but never stuck at any long enough to get dope. I loved playing piano as a kid, we actually had an old antique piano at home, which I adored. My parents didn't have a lot and I vividly remember coming home from school one day and they had sold it, I was devastated. After that I never wanted to go back to it. Writing didn't require anything but pen and paper, it couldn't be sold, it was always just there! I first started writing when I was a kid, I guess I used it as a way to be heard without anyone having to hear it. I would shut myself away and escape into my own world. I wrote some strange and depressing poetry back then. I was obsessed with how the words flowed together, I would rehearse them till they flowed cohesively over and over again till I knew them off by heart. I've always had an obsession for lyrics. I remember my brother way back calling me the "Rage Master" (Rage Against The Machine) because I knew every lyric to every album, I'd drive people mad reciting them. So I guess rapping my own stuff was just a natural progression. One day I literally woke up terrified of having regrets, I made the decision I had to rap before I die. So I got a beat and sent dodgy phone recording to some rappers in the local scene that I rate. The guy's that I sent it to all saw potential in my abilities, which pushed me in a positive direction. Flu was one, Never Settle and also Stew Richards aka Celphysh who lives in my hood, who has been recording me ever since. After that I became affiliated with Spiderhole records where I have recorded tracks. Matt Bane has produced a few tracks of mine and he also shot a clip for "Fresh Selected". But I still source majority of my beats independently.

About a year ago When I first met you it was at a video shoot for a Retayner posse track "The Connection". Being the only lady on the mic did you feel like you encouraged other female mc's to take opportunities like that when they can without feeling left out of a scene that is very much potentially growing??

In the beginning I was the only female on that posse track, as the numbers on it built up I believe there was some dialogue between Pyrex and Retayner, stating that just having one chick on it would be unbalanced, so they needed another and they asked Laura One, which was dope. She's a boss. I never really thought that I may inspire women to take opportunities based on that track. But now you say it, yeah I may have. In general, I do feel I inspire women, that are interested in finding their voice in hip hop because I've been told by quite a few, which is always such an amazing feeling. More broadly, I believe "The Connection" was a positive step for hip hop in the sense that so many came together in such a short time to make it happen. It shows just how powerful and unifying hip hop really is! Retayner has incredible energy and people power and I'm hoping that other emcees take a leaf out of his book and actually look at asking more females to be involved in these kind of cypher's purely based on their skill, nothing else! I feel that females are often overlooked in that sense. I actually want to do a cypher with all dope female emcees, females with real substance... any wholesome girls out there, holla!

After seeing the collaboration you did with Mc Miss C... Have the two of you been working on a project together there really seems to be a good energy between the two of you, anything in the works?

Me and C go way back hey, we grew up in the same area and knew all the same people as kids/teens. A few years ago she found a song of mine online and hit me up to collab and we wrote "Fresh Selected" over a Pyrex beat. It was really cool because I was always just rapping solo or with guys so it was refreshing to hear from her and cool to reconnect through hip hop. We got so much love for each other and share a lot of the same values and ideals and that is really important to me. I won't make music if I don't resonate with the person's core values. We have many ideas and have made plans to make an EP together, though we are not currently working on any tracks at the moment. We are just such busy women. Crystal is a project worker in AOD, so her work keeps her busy amongst other things. I'm a single mum, I work in Early Child Education, I'm currently studying youth work and I take the odd client as a practicing Naturopath. Our lives are very full, so unfortunately we don't get as much time as we would like to bring projects to fruition. But no doubt you will hear from us again in 2018!

What do we expect to hear from Mc Sally Sherriff in the future?

A few things. I have a bunch of unreleased stuff starting to pile up now. When it comes to my own work I get very critical, nothing ever seems good enough. I also struggle to find time to finish things off. But I am working on a few different things at the moment. The next track I plan on releasing is titled "The house of broken mirrors" produced by the one and only Dontez of the Kings Konekted. It's a very deep, dark track that reflects a toxic time of my life and finally breaking free from a lifestyle that I didn't know I had the power to gain control of. It will be released with a video clip. I have a couple of tracks that Flu has produced I plan on releasing 2018, both very conceptual tracks and I've also just written a verse for Truth One's production album over one of his extremely dope beats. I've asked a few Melbourne emcees that I rate to be on that with me, I've planned a bit of a concept for that one too so I was searching for a particular style of emcee that I believed would body it, I won't mention any names yet but no doubt it will be fire.

I recently featured on a track for the Smizzy Re-rapped album titled "Don't Forget" it features 11 rappers and one singer from all around the country. All proceeds from the album go to the wife and little boy of Di Apprentice who took his life last year.