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SwiftBoi met Soul Language at the state library to talk about their debut EP 'Whadup Life?'

05 Apr 2016 spotlight words by SwiftBoi
SwiftBoi met Soul Language at the state library to talk about their debut EP 'Whadup Life?'

Soul Language - Whadup Life? EP - Out 8th April 2016


Local MC Tom Kwan and producer Stay Nice together make Soul Language, a north-side hip hop duo who are releasing their first 7 song EP "Whadup Life?" on April 8th.

They have been around since "the beginning of time", according to Tom. I met with the two to talk about their EP at the state library, where I found them trying to sneak me into an exhibition they wanted to show me. We were surrounded by paintings of early impressions of the Australian outback - unique and rugged. It was a trip of juxtaposition, being surrounded by early visual interpretations of when Australia was first settled, while discussing modern Australian Hip Hop.

SwiftBoi: Do you prefer freestyling or writing?

Tom Kwan: Ooooh, aaaaw yeah I don't know. I would say, overall, writing. They're inseparable in some ways.

SwiftBoi: Stay Nice, I really loved the beats you did on the tracks "Best You Can" and "One is Enough". How long have you been making beats? Who made you love beats and what are you listening to now?

Stay Nice: Oh thanks. I started in 2003 and I've always loved A Tribe Called Quest. I can't think of many others right now. It changes every year. Right now I am listening to a lot of Anderson Park it's soulful hip hop with a lot of singing.

SwiftBoi: Tom, tell me, you talk a lot about plugging in, unplugging, muscling in, in your writing. Technology vs humanity? Are you talking about plugging into the web or the collective unconscious - like with freestyling? Are you anti technology?

Tom Kwan: The inferno that is the machine that we have lost control of now. we created this thing.

SwiftBoi: Are you friends with the machine? Do you like it?

Tom Kwan: It's a vehicle, its gotten out of control. It's not good or bad. You're plugged in or you're not.

SwiftBoi: BOOM! Is "A Little Bit" going to be a single? It sounds like a single to me.

Soul Language: Oh, true?! You think?

SwiftBoi: Yes.

Soul Language: Oh well it could be, yeah. A lot of them could be singles.

SwiftBoi: I agree. One of the songs on the EP "One Is Enough", it's sick and it has a fat beat. It would be a good single too.

Soul Language:  It would make a good clip, aye. Melbourne has the best graf culture in Ausstralia.

SwiftBoi: Your seemingly anti-technology themes repeat through some of the songs, Tom. You have a track called "Does The Truth Sell". It's great.

Tom Kwan: I really like that one, could be potential single also.

SwiftBoi: Yah, I think the truth does sell in my line of work.

Tom: Oh, word.

SwiftBoi: The track “Best You Can” is a lovely ballad with a sick beat. I love it, nice work, fellas! You have a line in there about "muscles in a jam", it sounds like it’s about a hard working woman. I ache, I feel that. [laughs]

Tom Kwan: When I’m not a rapper I’m a physiotherapist, so I have done a lot of rehab stuff.

SwiftBoi: Oh word? LADAAYS!

[All giggle like school children]

SwiftBoi: Oh SPEAKING of ladaays, I loved the outro on the album. Is that a true story? Did a bird really shit on your head when you were proposing to a sheela!?

Tom: Oh, NO NO.

SwiftBoi: Oh thank fuck! Fuck me dead!

Tom: No, I was hella tuning this chick, talking to her and then,... yeh. I would've married her.

SwiftBoi: Ohhh looord.

Tom: Nah, but this bird came 'n fucked up my flow!

[All laugh like histerical school children]

SwiftBoi: No shit, the same thing happened to me in the desert when I was 12, under a gumtree at a freestyle thing at the youth centre!

Stay Nice: Haaaa, I bet it's the same bird flying around shitting on everyone's game.

[All laugh, then we go eat burritos and tacos and drink green lime fizzy.]

Thanks, fellas.


"Whadup Life?" will be available digitally at their Bandcamp, on Soundcloud and in store at North Side Records.

For more info on the artists and for social media links check the Soul Language artist profile.