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'THE LEDGE' Hip Hop School - a free program teaching business and technical skills

19 Oct 2016 event news words by Terence Ill
'THE LEDGE' Hip Hop School - a free program teaching business and technical skills

The Ledge is an eight week free Hip Hop music program, aimed at young people aged between 12 and 25 years old who live, study, work or recreate in the Moreland area. For its pilot term The Ledge will run Thursdays 4pm to 6pm at Oxygen Youth Centre from October 27 to December 15.

Whether you want to start a hip-hop career but donít know where to start or are making hip-hop music but need guidance? Want a place to cypher? Recording? Produce? Perform? Freestyle? Throughout the eight-week program participants will learn all that while covering the following:

  • Business skills including artist management and digital distribution
  • Technical skills including recording and performing
  • Hip-hop history

Project coordinator Kieron Byatt, also known by his stage name Defron, is a professional musician who has been sucessfully organising and facilitating high-quality music and arts projects for over a decade. With The Ledge he is aiming to create a professional learning environment for aspiring Hip Hop artists, where they can develop skills but also get glimpse of industry best practice.

There is so much to gain from this project. We would like to strongly encourage youg Hip Hop artists to get involved and take adveatage of the invaluable pool of industry knowledge and crative and technical skills that are on offer here.

Registrations are now open at