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The Process

A series of interviews with Melbourne hip hop artists explaining their creative process.

02 May '18 the process

Interview with Fraksha

Fraksha has been at the forefront of the Melbourne ans Australian Grime scene for over a decade.

27 Feb '18 the process

Interview with Fresh Violet

Quick catch-up with the rising Producer / Rap Queen Fresh Violet

10 Jan '18 the process

Interview with PASIKA

Pasika talks 'Man Down', his creative process and his hometown of Soweto

22 Dec '17 the process

Interview with Carl Allision

Get to know one of Melbourne's most prolific Music Video producers.

19 Dec '17 the process

Interview with Sally Sherriff

Sally Sherriff talking motivation, beginnings and what to expect from her in the future.

21 Nov '17 the process

Interview with Melbourne's finest on the Drum Pads "Amin Payne"

Interview with Amin Payne about his production process and favourite festivals

18 Nov '17 the process

The Tip Of The Spear

Pataphysics giving us the lowdown on his new album 'Tip Of The Spear'

16 Oct '17 the process

Catching up with Loanwolf at Groove Penguin Records

Loanwolf talks sextape and the background of his nickname "Gator"

28 Sep '17 the process

In the studio with Phil Gektor

Phil Gektor talks about changing genres, sources of inspiration and his collaboration with Flu.