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The Shadow: A message of encouragement by Hugo The Poet

28 Nov 2016 spotlight words by Terence Ill


We are finishing our three-week feature with Hugo The Poet on a rather dark subject matter, yet with a positive message.

Over the last three weeks we were hopefully able to showcase some of the many facets of this Melbourne artist, who will continue to amaze audiences as he progresses on his journey - be it with the depth and substance of his content, or one of his infamous freestyle performances. So, for one final time, Hugo explains his work that was, once again, inspired by one of his Patreon patrons.

Hugo: This one actually doesn't require a lot of explanation. Occasionally everybody finds themselves dwelling in a dark state of mind. And so this poem that I wrote, is just an attempt to give people a message of encouragement while they're there. I want to let them know that it won't necessarily be wasted time. There is strength that we can gain from these times. There are insights that will come from it, that will give us strength in the future.

What has been your experience with this Shadow state of mind?"

Hugo: Well, for sure, I've had my ups and downs. Feelings of depression, anxiety, brought on by so many factors - failed relationships, traumas from youth, toxic work scenarios - all the usual. But I feel really really fortunate, as I must have been blessed with the fairy dust of functional brain chemistry as a child, because I've got an unbelievable ability to bounce back from things. I know very well that's a privilege that's becoming more and more rare in society, and this song isn't intended to belittle any of the millions of people who have legitimate brain chemical imbalances that make it virtually impossible to recover from this kind of state of mind. I know it's very very serious for them - pretty much intractable. And this song is just intended to say, "keep going... you're like a superhero, or an advanced scientific genius exploring the shadow realms for all humanity. Don't give up!" But all that being said, people suffering from Depression have my utmost sympathy. Even my tiny experience of it... I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

So to anyone going through these shadow times, I would just plead to them not to stay silent. Reach out to someone, even to one of the organisations that can open a conversation with you about options. For example, hit up, Beyond Blue Just don't try and be stoic and tough - it's good to talk it through with someone. Especially if you can't see a way out of the shadow, please don't take a drastic permanent measure. Reach out. Thanks."