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"Thinking of a Master Plan" - Morganics explains why it's more than just a Hip Hop gig

22 Jul 2016 event news words by Terence Ill

Morganics is one of the most seasoned artists you will find kicking around in the Melbourne scene.

Poet, MC, bboy, beatboxer, film maker - Morganics can call himself all those things, and he is about to premier his new monthly event 'Thinking of a Master Plan' which promises to be more than just your average Hip Hop gig.

The monthly gig at Grumpy’s in Fitzroy will combine Hip Hop Cinema Poetry Dance, Bboys, Bgirls, Poets, MCs, DJs, dancers, film makers, beatboxers and more into one epic jam.

I was intrigued by idea, so I decided to find out more from the man himself.

Morganics, since you dabble in so many different forms of artistic expression, when you go to your 'normal' Hip Hop gig, do you often feel that something is missing or that the experience is incomplete? And is that maybe the inspiration for this concept? Admit it, you’re only doing this to create the perfect event that pleases your own interests…

Morganics: Haha! Yes, that’s sort of true. I’ve been stewing on this one for quite a while and I guess it’s based on the idea of bringing different worlds together with a strong Hip Hop foundation. I guess I still see Hip Hop as a culture that is a mongrel mix of other forms – when I started breaking, I was using mime techniques, when I beatbox I draw inspiration from dumbek and djembe rhythms. So I guess I still see Hip Hop as a place where different cultures and forms can meet each other. In that sense I’ve never really seen myself as a purist, the mix is what gives Hip Hop its flavour for me, so a night like this is trying to do that, to remind myself and maybe some others of that.

Personally, I feel that these types of events have a huge educational potential. People might go there for one component and in the process discover all these other things they might not have been aware of before. Would you agree with that sentiment? Or is that maybe even part of the reason you are doing this?

Morganics: Yeah, for sure, I’m keen for spoken word artists to see MCs, for Bboys to jam with beatboxers, for film makers to share their work with DJs, the list goes on. A lot of this already happens, there’s heaps of great work coming out of Melbourne like One Sixth’s latest video, “Labyrinth”, but it’s nice to create a space where I hope people will come away having seen someone or something they haven’t seen before.

How can I imagine all the different elements to play together on the night? Will they just be individual performances or are there crossovers?

Morganics: Doors open at 7, then from 7 30 to 8 30 we showcase Hip Hop films, clips, community work and docos from Pan Loop Productions with clips from Wilcannia and much more and an excerpt of my one hour global doco “Hip Hop Is My Passport” with a short Q and A with Pan Loop and myself. There are a lot of video artists who collaborate with us Hip Hop people and it’s cool to let them share some of their knowledge and experiences.
After that there’s a dance jam dope Bboy Tofu (K.O. Crew) and a dancer – still to be confirmed – form another form, we have showcases of MCs, poets chosen in collaboration with Melbourne Spoken Word and at the end we have the “Cinematic Rap Freestyle Challenge” where MCs from Can I Kick It? freestyle over beats from NZ producer Ridge Jaggers that have been synched to visuals that I have supplied, it’s gonna be pretty crazy, it’s taken weeks to put it all together.

With these types of events it is often the stuff that is not planned, that just happens just because all these people with different talents are in the same place at the same time. So, when you chose the artists for ‘Chapter 1’, were you mindful of that? Were you going for artists where you feel they are more likely to interact with other artists? Because the last thing you’d want is someone rock up and just to their usual thing and that’s it, right?

Morganics: Yep, exactly, there are heaps of great nights where we see normal showcases of MCs, poets or straight up Bboy battles or beatbox and DJ comps, beat competitions, and they’re vital and I love them but I’m keen to have artists who are open to jam across different forms, and you are right, it’s probably gonna be the stuff that’s not planned that will be the best on a night like this – unplanned cross art form creative anarchy – probably what the world needs right now, eh? Haha.

Personally I’m not sure what will happen, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be great. It’s one of those things where it’s not about a specific headline act, or any of the artists in particular. It’s about the infinite possibilities of what may or may not happen when you put them all together and let the universe do its thing.

Morganics: Well put, that’s the plan, and I’ll just add one thing, years ago, an MC, called Kye in Sydney told me “In Hip Hop it always come down to the skills, don’t forget that”, so the skills are the foundation for all these artists and “Thinking Of A Master Plan” is the night where they all get to bring their skills to the table!

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