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Three Melbourne Hip Hop vinyl releases you may have missed

30 Nov 2015 music news words by Terence Ill
Three Melbourne Hip Hop vinyl releases you may have missed

In terms of Melbourne Hip Hop, the majority of recent vinyl releases would have come out of the Crate Cartel or Pang Production camp, who have both been at the forefront of the revived vinyl movement in Australian Hip Hop.

However, there are others. Here are three, more low key vinyl releases, that you may have missed.

Tom Showtime - Universal Funk (10")

The multitalented Tom Showtime heads the Showtime Quintet. I bought the 10” EP at one of their live shows earlier in the year, and it’s jam-packed with that organic sound that makes them such a great live act. As far as I know, the extremely limited edition vinyl has sold out.


Dam Proud - Hybrid Wavelength (12")

The Melbourne rapper met Belgian producer Phasm when they both coincidentally ended up sharing a ride from Boom Bap Festival in the UK. The chemistry was right from the get go and the duo pretty much instantly embarked on a collaboration. That result was the ten-track album ‘Hybrid Wavelength’.

If my memory serves me right, only 22 of these were cut. So if you ever get a chance to get your hands on one, get one!


Skomes - Mindloops Ona Heartbeat (12")

This one has been out there for a while now. Beat wiz Skomes, who is also one half of So.Crates alongside Cazeaux O.S.L.O, originally released this instrumental hip hop EP in 2014. In 2015, after ongoing demand, a second batch was re-issued. With a bit of luck you might still get one of these at your favourite record store around Melbourne.


Think we missed one that is worth a mention? Let us know in the comments section.