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Celbrities Doing Thaangs

Cover art: Celbrities Doing Thaangs by Brother Mynor

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Cover art: Celbrities Doing Thaangs by Brother Mynor Cover art: Celbrities Doing Thaangs by Brother Mynor


11 Mar 2016



A beat tape by Melbourne producer Brother Mynor Canadian label Inner Ocean Records.

"A big thanks to the incredible patience and time that the collaborators put in; you know who you are and you know this project wouldn't exist without you. Also a special thanks to Kamilla and Tom who's constant feedback and support shaped this release into what it is."


  1. tom cruise eats a continental breakfast 01:46
  2. leo dicaprio rides off into the sunset 02:55
  3. winona ryder finishes community service 01:42
  4. nic cage takes control of the situation 03:29
  5. ellen page ties herself to a redwood (w/ bilo 503) 02:27
  6. jennifer aniston finishes a long bath (w/ uhhnon) 02:00
  7. ll cool j don't need no title (w/ mndbd) 01:56
  8. shia lebeouf enjoys a morning bowl of wheaties (w/ borealism) 02:02
  9. eddie murphy drives to burger king 02:29
  10. keanu reeves just does his thaang (w/ mt marcy) 02:19
  11. liv tyler will still watch all the credits 01:53
  12. morgan freeman is most likely omnipotent 02:54
  13. natalie portman goes on safari (w/ slr) 01:19
  14. david duchovny hides in the broom closet 01:53
  15. justin long tries to access his voicemail (w/ dweeb) 01:55
  16. elijah wood doesn't put vinyl back in the sleeve (w/ mactopus) 02:12
  17. drew barrymore watches saturday morning cartoons (w/ ojmacoj) 02:13
  18. julia roberts damages the floorboards 01:41