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Cover art: Passionfruit Fall by Brother Mynor

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Cover art: Passionfruit Fall by Brother Mynor Cover art: Passionfruit Fall by Brother Mynor


28 Apr 2017



Melbourne native, brother mynor, pulls out all the stops on his second full length album "Passionfruit Falls". Following up from last years amazing release on Inner Ocean "Celebrities Doing Thaangs", brother mynor holds onto his playful beat making mastery while fully embracing more meditative tones, drenched in deep passionate vibes. "Passionfruit Falls" is texturally rich, crystalline honest and layered with delicate finesse. Make no mistake, brother mynor is a blossoming master and these astral songs are the proof.

Source: Inner Ocean Records


A1 causeway
A2 floating castle (ft. chester watson)
A3 pineapple seed
A4 that sinking feeling
A5 worlds apart (w/ sulu)
A6 egyptian flush
A7 umbilical
A8 swampwater
A9 uproot it all
A10 honey mead
A11 jones beach

B1 tipping stilts
B2 ibis
B3 clearing
B4 butterjons
B5 whirligirl
B6 canvas edit
B7 last leg
B8 horse hair
B9 love stews
B10 one_word
B11 the falls