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Cover art: Twisted Strangers by Curse Ov Dialect

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Cover art: Twisted Strangers by Curse Ov Dialect


01 May 2016



Wildly surrealist experimental hip-hop group Curse Ov Dialect are back after a 6-year hiatus with their socially conscious, zonked-out new album "Twisted Strangers".

Renowned for their non-conformist costumery and political ethos the enigmatic Australian group has garnered a strong worldwide cult following. This album includes an appearance from special guest Hemlock Ernst (aka Sam Herring - Future Islands) on title track Twisted Strangers which premiered on Pitchfork -(, Curse ov Dialect Japanese ambassador Kaigen, and Ramallah Underground rapper Stormtrap and more...

Sonically Twisted Strangers sees the group travelling further down their own musical path, revelling in the openness of their unusual sonic concoctions: other-worldly melodies punctuated with hard twisted beats. The conventions of hip-hop are blurred and boundaries are pushed further at a time in history where the world has caught up.

An outlier in the hip hop format that recalls no comparisons.