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Grizzly Bastard 1Rapper/MC

Grizzly Bastard

Hailing from Melbourne city, 18 year old Rapper Grizzly Bastard is an upcoming Hip Hop artist trying to keep the art of MCing alive with the use of the most important elements; lyricism and stage presence.

Grizzly Bastard has supported Ciecmate, Bigfoot (BTE/HG), Fatty Phew & DJ Bogues, Dirty Dike (UK) and has showcased at events around Melbourne, such as 'All In' and 'Hip Hop Vs Domestic Violence' sharing the stage with the likes of One-Sixth, Hellburnianz, Defron and more! Grizzly Bastard is curretly working on two EPs, both due to be released later this year.

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