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Signed to Groove Penguin Records in 2015, this MLB based rapper has not conformed to the typical guidelines of an Australian hip-hop artist. Some would say he deviates from what aus hip-hop is all about. Like it or not, one thing you can not say about loan wolf is that he lacks individuality. With the use of on beat off beat rhythm, voice manipulation, quick spit to slow flow and the ability to switch genera's reinventing him self from project to project comes quite effortless to this unpredictable artist. Styles ranging from aggressive hype man to monotone spoken word, Loan never shy to flex his creative muscle has been working on a full change of persona. ' I believe that the extreme patriotic attitude of hip-hop in this country has parallelised it from evolving. I believe that the tone of voice used in the bogan persona limits the use of the long note witch in turn limits the artists musical range' Loanwolf.


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