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Retayner 1Rapper/MC

Pang Productions

Retayner is a Melbourne based artist and MC. He has been steadily grinding in the shadows amongst the underground hip hop scene for over 15 years; delivering a diverse range of styles and collaborating with the countries finest MC's and Producers. His subject matter covers political and social issues intertwined with visual poetry; characterised by his signature range of tones whilst preforming.

He has released several album's including...

  • Valley of the Black Daisies (2008)

and collaborated on albums:

  • 'One Foot in the Grave' (2009) with Biggs
  • 'Over Spray' (2011) under the name 'Hedge Burners' with accomplished battle rapper 'Bailer'
  • 'White Russian' (2013) with Muste Volkoff
  • 'Hellburnians' (2013) along with Illuminate, Gutz and Kid Selzy
  • 'Till Death Arrives' (2006) with Sammy Scissors

Before becoming an MC, Retayner was an accomplished fine artist and graffiti writer. His background as a graffiti writer and member of the notorious 'ID CREW', has earned him reverie within the independent music community and a tightly-knit group of fans who have been rabidly awaiting his new album 'Calandar Man' set for release in 2017.

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