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Sadiva Producer

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SADIVA is a 23 year old female Beat-maker/Singer that emerges from the streets of Melbourne (Vic, AU).

After only a short year of producing and banging pads on the Maschine, SADIVA has put her heart and soul into beat making as well as hip hop.

2015 saw SADIVA travel to New York after only a short six months of producing. Her skill and immense passion for music led her to work with a talented crew of NY artists who felt at home blessing tracks over SADIVA's soulful chops and gritty drums.

Beat down record stores, love of hip hop, travels and local artist in Melbourne and New York are the main ingredient to SADIVA’s inspiration. Diving into any shop with a record collection, getting dusty fingers searching for those soulful unique chops and world sounds, these are the methods that’s work together to get your head bopping.

Extending her range to live sets at Beat Lab with the SP 404 SX, SADIVA stepped outside of her comfort zone from the studio and on to the live stage, gaining her many more opportunities around Melbourne including sets performed on Local Radio Stations PBS's Fresh Produce and RRR's Hood Pass. Currently planning a return to New York in July where she will be working on her Debut Album Bodega State of Mind and collaborating with artists such as Soul Journal and RayZA. SADIVA is excited to share the music by the end of 2016.

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