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walla C Producer

walla C Image credit: MDY Photography
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Walla C is an MC/producer from Rio de Janeiro, now resident in Melbourne. Producing beats since 2013, he draws from jazz, funk, lo-fi and Brazilian folk, amongst others. Brazilian music forms the foundation of his various influences, both musically and visually. Additionally, the combination of intricate synths, ambience and textures are integral parts of his compositions.

His discography consists of T∆mborim Odyssey (Aug 2014), Serenade (April 2015) and HissCollection (Nov 2015) which was released by Nekubi Tapes in the format of a physical cassette tape.

w∆lla C also experiments with video and created the lyrical video sketches for "Serenade" and "By". Recently, the short film "Bob" from HissCollection, was directed, filmed and edited by Jeevi Ka.

w∆lla C's future musical plans include collaborations with local Australian MCs from Melbourne and Perth. Since relocating to Melbourne, w∆lla C has become a regular contributor to the local label Uncomfortable Beats and will be releasing an album with them in March 2016.

Alongside MC Clay Adams, he founded and curates Beatlab Melbourne, a monthly event featuring established and upcoming beatmakers around the city.

His live performances are spontaneous and complex, driven by the Roland sp404, and combine his original beats with other influential classic and contemporary producers. He regularly performs around Melbourne and has quickly garnered a reputation as one of Melbourne's most inventive new producers.