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"5 tips for independent artists with promo team Melbourne Minute”

27 Jun 2018 music biz words by 2nd Thought

We spoke to the new social media promo team who have been lighting a fire under local rapper's careers lately. They gave us 5 tips for upping your social media game and a run down about what their business offers:

1. An eye catching image for the thumbnail

Chose the most attractive visual you can. Always customise your thumbnail. This is your chance to get people's attention. Chose something that still demands attention when it is scaled right down in the news feed of a mobile phone. It's best if you don't use any text - Facebook will penalise you if there's text in it. According to research, people's faces, especially women, perform the best in advertising.

2. A strong caption

Does your caption cover everything important? Does it clearly introduce the content in a way that people who aren't familiar with your work will be able to tell if it is relevant to them? Is it concise? If it is too long or convoluted, people will lose interest. Emojis can express the vibe of your message to the viewer faster than text and only take up one character. Is it in your own 'voice'? People are more likely to engage with something that sounds genuine and not forced.

3. Type of content

Mix it up. If you've previously shared three press photos of yourself, then next time try a candid selfie video. Think about what medium will best convey the story you are telling. Use video as much as possible as it makes up 84% of internet traffic. Does your video have a catchy intro? There is so much competition for people's attention on social media and if you don't grab them instantly, they won't stay to watch. Keep Facebook videos under five minutes and ideally under one minute - then you can also use it on Instagram.

4. Timing

Post at a time of day when people are most likely to be online. Space your posting out to be consistent.Post at least several times a week to keep your brand on people's minds. If you find it hard to be consistently creating and posting content, then spend one day a month creating content for the rest of that month and schedule its release.

5. Refine your style

Pay attention to what works and what doesn't. What do people respond to the most? Do more of that. Need ideas? Pay attention to artists whose work is similar to yours. What are they doing that is successful that you can learn from? Experiment and find your own voice.

Hit us up directly if you have any questions! You can check out more at the Melbourne Minute website at

Hi Kim and Emerald, tell us about Melbourne Minute?

We are a two-person team working in social media and marketing for independent musicians. Our mission is to shine a light on the vibrancy of Melbourne's underground scene and to support our local creators who are navigating a difficult industry. We specialise in photography/videography, marketing and branding consultations and social media promotion.

Why did you start Melbourne Minute?

We are artists ourselves who connected over our love of underground culture and interest in social media. Emerald was doing photography and videography for artists and Kim was working with artists coming from a business and marketing background. We put our skills together so that we would be able to offer our services as a full package to other underground artists trying to get set up in the industry.

We had experienced firsthand how hard is to forge a career in the arts so we wanted to take what we had learnt to help those around us. Nobody else was offering these services in as accessible way for underground creatives so we developed a business to offer the kind support - and pricing - that we wished we had had access to.

Who do you work with?

We choose to work mostly with musicians as we understand their needs. We see a lot of artists releasing amazing works that were falling on deaf ears. Sometimes this is because the artist doesn't understand how vital promotion is, or sometimes because they don't know how to go about it or think it will be too expensive.

So we develop strategies to streamline the process for them. We also offering personalised branding consultations to help develop the business side of what artists do and how to best present themselves to cut through the noise of social media.

The majority of our clients are rappers from the Melbourne scene. We work with artists who are totally green and have zero social media presence, right up to artists who have been in the biz for 20 years. There is always some area they can improve on, or task they need to outsource. We also work with record labels, event managers and promoters. As a photographer and videographer, Emerald also works in youth events and festivals. We are passionate about anything that is independently run or provides value to the community.

What are some of your biggest achievements?

There's one Melbourne hip hop producer who we've done a lot of work with - Monkey Marc. He's a well-respected producer and we've achieved some amazing things with him over the past year, including getting over 5 million views on one of his videos on YouTube and making decent cash from it, winning several arts grants, and getting crazy buzz around his releases right now.

Another client who we're really proud of is a young rapper by the name Zaggy Pride. Emerald head-hunted him after stumbling across his videos and spotted viral potential. Zaggy is a young artist who is really only just starting out. We tuned up his social media accounts with new press shots and a bio, organised his first radio interview, and of course we promoted his video content. We focused on his video for the song 'Never'. As Emerald predicted, we had a huge response to it. We surpassed 700,000 views and are now aiming for one million. Before Melbourne Minute, Zaggy's videos were getting around 500 views each, so that's a pretty insane leap. It's been really rewarding to see him so elated at every step of this process as he connects with a wider audience.

I think for us the biggest achievement though is starting a successful business that allows us to be immersed in the scene we love. It's a window into so many exciting projects. It's never a boring day at Melbourne Minute.

What's next for you guys?

After a year of running Melbourne Minute and working with a long list of people in our networks, we are now launching the business with a website - and officially opening it up to the public. We've had such a big response so far working within our community so it's time to think bigger!

What advice would you offer our readers?

So many artists are stumbling at the early hurdles in the music industry because they're not aware of the basics that are required in order to be taken seriously. If you are past being a bedroom rapper and you want music to be your career, then you need to treat your art like a business. You should be investing equal amounts of energy and money into the creation, the production, the promotion and the networking.

The industry is saturated with talented artists. Talent is vital for success, but it isn't enough on it's own. You need to stand out. Figure out what you as an individual can offer an audience that is unique. Get your basic EPK (electronic press kit) content down straight away - get a strong press shot, get a professional bio written, have accessible links to your music and have at least one active social media account. This is your foundation.