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Blog: Artist Spotlight

10 Aug '17 spotlight

Album Review: 'Aquanaut' by Must Volkoff

Alex Osborne reviews 'Aquanaut', the feature-boasting production album by Melbourne's Must Volkoff

31 Jul '17 spotlight

Interview: Willy Dynamo

The Melbourne rapper and producer talks about his debut release 'Dynamic'

18 Jul '17 spotlight

Iterview with Rapaport ahead of his Melbourne show at Grumpy's this Friday

Rapaport with the low-down on new music and the upcoming Melbourne show

13 Jul '17 spotlight

Online Music Promotion: 3 things that don't work

Here are three common practices that don't work and how to avoid them.

08 Jun '17 spotlight

Interview: Eloquor

Melbourne rapper Eloquor talks about his new album 'Lunch' and his journey as an artist and human being.

28 Apr '17 spotlight

Q&A with Maundz's worst enemy

Being your own toughest critic is a curse many artist share. Maundz explains how it effects the work on his new album.

27 Apr '17 spotlight

Catching up with Melbourne beat makers MelloWolf and Oxcyde in between tours

After recently returning from a 7-stop US tour, the two producers are about to take their LAB Co. crew on the road.

20 Apr '17 spotlight

Interview: Flu

We speak to Melbourne rapper Flu as he is preparing to release his new project #FTIBAG

28 Feb '17 spotlight

Review: 'Oddz Odyssey' by Oddz McFable

"It's in this juxtaposition between the futuristic warped production and the relatable lyrics that the listener will find the most unique aspects of this EP"

26 Feb '17 spotlight

Premiere: 'The Landing' video clip by Context

The Landing is the final single from Context's forthcoming 'Rogue Astronaut EP' that will be released on March 1

24 Feb '17 spotlight

'When I Died' - an interview with Motley

A captivating and inspiring chat with the UK-born rapper from Melbourne

06 Feb '17 spotlight

This is what was hot on in 2016

The ultimate breakdown of the most popular artists and articles on our site.

23 Jan '17 spotlight

Avid Melbourne producer Sadiva is about to dish out some 'Lethal Chops'

Producer, vocalist and overall power house Sadiva, making moves with a brand new beat tape.

11 Jan '17 spotlight

Interview: Sinks

Melbourne MC Sinks recently released his highly anticipated album Cold Fury

29 Dec '16 spotlight

Three must-have cassette tape releases of 2016

A slection of some of the best music released on tape in 2016 by Melbourne Hip Hop artists.

14 Dec '16 spotlight
29 Nov '16 spotlight

Premiere: Melbourne rapper Context releases new clip 'Route 11'

'Route 11' is the first single from Context's upcoming EP 'Rogue Astronaut''

28 Nov '16 spotlight

The Shadow: A message of encouragement by Hugo The Poet

A message of encouragement for those dwelling in a dark state of mind.

18 Nov '16 spotlight

Interview: Dos Boy

We spoke to Dos Boy about his move to Melbourne and his new EP

17 Nov '16 spotlight

Premiere: Dante's 'Inferno' Canto 10 by Hugo The Poet

The rap version of the seven hundred year old poem by Dante Alighieri

10 Nov '16 spotlight

Premiere: 'The Verse Fleet' by Hugo The Poet

Imagine if the British had decided to send poets instead of convicts, soldiers and resource prospectors...

10 Nov '16 spotlight

Your Melbourne lo-fi Hip Hop starter kit

The lo-fi sound is gaining momentum in Melbourne Hip Hop

13 Oct '16 spotlight
31 Aug '16 spotlight

Interview: L-FRESH The Lion

Sydney rapper L-FRESH The Lion is about to hit Melbourne as part of his 'Become' Tour

27 Aug '16 spotlight

Ciecmate talks BTE, Hospice Crew and music biz in 2016

An in-depth interview with the Melbourne rapper, producer and head of Broken Tooth Entertainment

03 Aug '16 spotlight

Fraksha and Scotty Hinds on a mission to help those sleeping in the streets

The Melbourne rappers collected and distributed donations to the city's homeless.

27 Jul '16 spotlight

Decoded: 'Labyrinth' Part 1 - 1/6 breaks down his thoughts behind his poem

Dig into some of what's said in the #BlackLivesMatter inspired piece

20 Jul '16 spotlight

Megalomaniac: An interview with Discourse, the greatest Hip Hop artist of all time

The multi-talented Melbourne artist is about to step into the limelight with his highly anticipated debut solo album 'Megalomaniac'.

14 Jul '16 spotlight

Album Review: Bastian Killjoy's 'Golly Gosh'

"It needs to be different, but familiar. Somefuckinghow, Bastian has managed to achieve both on Golly Gosh"

07 Jul '16 spotlight

Interview: Canadian MC Xolisa and local rapper and promoter Emerald bridging gaps across the pond

An in-depth Interview with Canadian emcee Xolisa and Melbourne rapper and event promoter Emerald ahead of their two upcoming shows in Melbourne.

14 Jun '16 spotlight

Interview: Plutonic Lab

Pluto speaks on his new solo release 'Deep Above The Noise' and the feeling of artistic isolation that inspired the artwork.

05 Apr '16 spotlight

SwiftBoi met Soul Language at the state library to talk about their debut EP 'Whadup Life?'

Interview with MC Tom Kwan and producer Stay Nice also known as the Melbourne hip hop duo Soul Language.

15 Mar '16 spotlight

Interview: Ivan Ooze - SwiftBoi talks to the Melbourne rapper who supported Wu-Tang in 3 states

Ivan Ooze just opened up for the Wu-Tang Clan on their Australian tour. In three cities. Melbourne, his home-town and ...

14 Jan '16 spotlight

Interview with One Sixth

On January 7th I sat down with One Sixth over a few drinks and a piece of meat off the BBQ and talked depression, ...

07 Jan '16 spotlight

6 Melbourne freestyle MC’s who never disappoint

Not being a rapper myself, I am a pretty unlikely candidate to be a regular at a weekly freestyle open mic. Yet, for ...

09 Nov '15 spotlight

Interview with Perth rapper Mathas ahead of his Melbourne show this Saturday

Mathas is hitting the road to launch his highly praised album 'Armwrestling Atlas'. We wanted to get to know the man a ...

29 Oct '15 spotlight

Interview with Tornts, one of the longest standing Melbourne Hip Hop artists

We spoke to Melbourne rapper Tornts about his latest album No Compromise, his recent move to Darwin and his career in ...

08 Sep '15 spotlight

Meet Sol'Manic, who just released his solo project LOS|SOL

I had a chat to Sol'Manic, about Los|Sol, 90's RD, THC and how it all started for him. Most artist in Hip Hop can name ...

04 Sep '15 spotlight

We spoke to Melbourne rapper Dyl Thomas about his new vinyl beat tape and life

We're kicking of the artist spotlight series on with Pang Production's Dyl Thomas - producer, rapper ...