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27 Jun '18 music biz
10 May '16 music biz

I asked 5 female artists 5 questions about their experiences in a male dominated genre

Much respect to Mistress, MzRizk, Nastaij, Empress and Muma Doesa for being part of this article.

20 Apr '16 music biz

How asking your mum to like your Facebook page is wasting your promo money

Friends and family liking your Facebook page will cost you a lot of money in the long-term.

30 Mar '16 music biz

How crowdfunding is changing the way we pay musicians and our relationship with them

More and more musicians, including hip hop artists, use crowdfunding to finance their projects and it is actually changing the relationship between musicians and their fans.

09 Feb '16 music biz

Music Videos: How to not suck at making them

Wherever you look - websites, social media platforms, everywhere - video content is more popular then ever. Your ...

19 Sep '15 music biz

Want your music on vinyl? Things you should know:

It seems more independent artists than ever are getting their music pressed on vinyl. The new world order in the music ...