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Recap: "Can I Kick It?" Freestyle Rap Games Competition

03 Mar 2016 event news words by Terence Ill

It was a long night at Horse Bazaar, with 25 freestyle MC’s competing in the third edition of the "Can I Kick It?" Freestyle Rap Games Competition.

It all crystallised down to two finalists… well, three actually. Hugo the Poet had made it through to the final round, but the second spot was shared by the title holder from the previous competition, Tumi, and the multi-talented Morganics. Both landed on the same amount of points and a decider round had Tumi and Morganics go head to head, freestyling about a topic of their choice to determine who would ultimately make it through. The crowd reaction wasn’t much help in determining a finalist, with both rappers killing their freestyles and getting equal props from the audience. It was so close, both MC’s were ready to battle it out with rock, paper, scissors - literally. In the end another decider round saw Morganics emerge as the second finalist.

Three rounds of games later the panel of judges voted Morganics the winner of this Freestyle Rap Games Competition.

While the competition was the core of the event, there were all the little extras that just made last night a hard one to top. Beat maker Mumbles from Sydney for example, who tapped out some boom bap fire on two sets of pads live. Or the seemingly shy chick who got up for the open mic at the end of the night, with her witty verse that ended in “…fuck you, cunts” and had the crowd loose it - in good way.

Everything just fell into place last night. Yet, the success of this event and the weekly open mic night it grew out of is by no means coincidental or a matter of luck.

The Can I Kick It? team around DJ Daily have invested time and effort into creating an event that brings it back to what it should all be about in the first place, skill - and more and more people are starting to appreciate the quality of artists it attracts and the atmosphere it creates. Last night’s competition was the first one that was backed by sponsors including Jimmy Yeyo, Project Sound Space, the legendary Melbourne label Obese Records and electronics brand Sennheiser, also an indicator that people around town are picking up the vibe of the Can I Kick It? concept.

If you missed last night’s event (your loss, but), I think it’s safe to say that there will be another. If you can’t wait that long, the weekly Can I Kick It? freestyle open mic night is on every Wednesday at Horse Bazaar in the CBD.

Can they kick it? Go find out.