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Cover art: Babylondon by N'fa Jones

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Cover art: Babylondon by N'fa Jones Cover art: Babylondon by N'fa Jones Cover art: Babylondon by N'fa Jones
Rubber Records


06 Apr 2012





"Babylondon is an eclectic EP I released in 2012 with Rubber Records.. I wrote the majority of this EP while living in London.. Hence the name Babylondon.

Following my collaboration with Drapht on "Bali Party", and featuring on 360’s "Hope You Dont Mind", I was fortunate to put together this EP as I prepared to return to Australia full time in late 2011. The first single was “Wayooy” featuring my old friend Roots Manuva, and M-Phazes on production. We received some good radio love for this song, and then released "March On" in early 2012. This was a song i had started with Bass Kleph a few years prior, but only finished while still living in London. We shot a mad video for it in Leeds With Danny North and his amazing crew, and the song got some nice JJJ love.. I thought the video would blow up seeing as it was Stop Motion and craaaay as it gets, but its modestly building on youtube day by day.. Peeps need to see it.. No camera tricks.. Just sweat, tears, and laughs.

The rest of the EP featured Neneh Cherry’s daughter Tyson McVey on my version of “7 Seconds” produced by First Man. Production from my good friend Jimmy Napes on “Deeper Love”, and a swag of remixes from all across the world..

Hope you enjoy this..."



  1. March On 3:34
  2. Wayooy (feat. Roots Manuva) 3:32
  3. 7 Seconds (feat. Tyson McVey) 3:41
  4. Deeper Love 3:34
  5. March On (Glytch Beats Remix) 4:00
  6. March On (J Smith & Dutch Remix) 3:49
  7. March On (Nick Thayer Remix) 4:58
  8. March On (Dirt Monkey Remix) 3:47
  9. March On (Tony Castro Remix) 4:11
  10. March On (Sangers & Ra Remix) 5:57
  11. March On (Dave Winnell Remix) 5:58