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Extra Celestial Beats

Cover art: Extra Celestial Beats by Ra Ra Raj

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Cover art: Extra Celestial Beats by Ra Ra Raj


17 Mar 2016





These beats were mostly written over Summer throughout my stay at the Highland House. 58/Let it be known was written earlier while I was in the 58. Mixing and many of the effects were also done in the 58 throughout Feb/March. Shout outs to Neko wut, Big Joe, Disco 'biscuit' Sleath, Asiro, Stazvangundy, and all my friends and family in the hills! Can't forget the Beatlab Melbourne and communities as well everyone who has rolled through Equalizer Effect for the inspiration and motivation.

I hope these beats can provide some solace from the mundane feelings we get from everyday life like they provided me while creating them... And/Or just enjoy and nod your head to some fat beats. Peace!


  1. Give Up Your Death 03:10
  2. Lift Off 03:06
  3. Jupiter 03:54
  4. Coffee Black 03:07
  5. Microwavyation 02:38
  6. 58/Let it B Knwn 03:19
  7. Return to Earth 04:48